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ANALYSIS OF THE TEXT: The E-commerce as Strategy in the Process of Expansion of the businesses of Small Companies Adailton Barbosa de Castro 1 Franciglauber Martins Rock 2 INTRODUCTION This paper &#039 has as objective to analyze the text; ' The E-commerce as Strategy in the Process of Expansion of the businesses of Small Companies of author Diana Aires Da Silva, written in 2010 and published in the RAF (Reviewed of Administration of the Fatea) where the author if joins to Toms author de Aquino Guimares in its organization, being Editora responsible Atlas s.a. for its reproduction. The author searchs with this text, established in different authors, to appraise the subject of a form to take the reader to feel itself motivated the sufficient to initiate or to continue studies related with the subject, that generates great interest in the enterprise way, stimulated mainly for the technological development that stimulates the entrepreneur and the innovation. The main objective of the text is perceived clearly that it is to describe the joined enterprising characteristics in literature, capable to promote the development of the small companies. DEVELOPMENT the text cited says in them that due the increasing increase of the economy of Brazil, multiplication of companies, access of I credit and rise of the income of the population was evidenced a new profile of the Brazilian consumer. With this, consequently, it had an increase of the businesses based on the Internet.

The Brazilian consumer started to buy more and to search services for the half electronic, for questions of comfort, price low time scarcity. This new trend was called ' ' new economia' '. From this new trend the significant sprouting of the use of the Internet for the companies was noticed as form to add competitive advantage to the businesses.

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