Social Media Marketing

Twitter is a popular microblogging service, is send Tweets or messages containing 140 characters telling your followers what you’re doing but really you potential of Twitter as a tool for Social Media Marketing is another. The Tweets are used to share stories, in laces photos, content proocion, news, relaxation and much more. Here you of jo 6 simple ways that twitter can be used in your markrting campaign with social networks. 1. Exchange of links to items of interest. As soon read something interesting about your niche market, share it with your followers of Tweeter immediately online. 2 Build your network.

Using twitter is a great way to build your network because it allows you to find and follow people with similar interests. 3 Estabkece relations dento of your current network. People in different networks followed usa Twitter to connect with your contacts instantly, instead of using instant messaging, plus many people use Twitter to contact his network during an event in you are to keep them informed in real time of any important event. 4 Re distributes the content of your blog. Twitter can be used to redistribute the contents of your blog or website very important to create traffic and keep your fans informed when you update your blog. 5.

Communicate with your team. If you’re in a MLM business you can use twitter to communicate with your line descending and ascending to be all up to date. 6.-Recruitment. In the event that you have a traditional business and you need to hire staff for your company, you can send a Tweet from your followers and ask them to send a RT (Re-Tweet), meaning that reenvien your request among his followers. You reach to see the potential that Tweeter? Greetings Pedro Campuzano original Autor and source of the article.