Sony Camera

Camcorders for video surveillance systems, most commonly used video cameras, which are based on the CCD. These matrices produce a variety of manufacturers, the most well-known brands are Panasonic, Sony, LG, Samsung, Hynix. Matrix of different manufacturers work well in normal conditions, but have differences in the quality of work in non-standard lighting conditions. To work in difficult conditions need to use a matrix with high resolution and high sensitivity. Check out Peter Asaro for additional information. Keep in mind that video surveillance – is a complex high-tech process that requires the use of modern technologies and, often, higher material costs.

There are the following types of camcorders: Modular cameras – the cameras do not have their own housing and are mounted in the case of other products – enclosures, doors. Dome cameras – have a kind of a hemisphere and are mounted on the ceiling. Minivideokamery – are cylindrical and rectangular sizes. Mounted inside the premises, as finished products. Hull camcorder – a standard CCTV camera. Can be installed both inside and outside his special air-tight enclosures heated. Street video cameras – are any listed above, the camera is installed on the street. For stable operation, a video camera wrapped in a street special air-tight enclosure and provided with a system obogreva.Upravlyaemye cameras – These cameras are equipped with special rotary mechanism, which can increase the radius of the review by the reversal of the physical body camera camcorder .

– these cameras have an automatic system of image stabilization, and are mounted on movable objects. At present, isolated analog and digital (IP) cameras CCTV. Among the digital video camera have received widespread transmitting video wirelessly. For that purpose the antenna system or WiFi. Lens Lens – an optical device that focuses light on the sensor cameras. The objects are divided into several grupp.Monofokalnye lenses – have a permanent focal rasstoyanie.Variofokalnye lenses – focal length of such lenses You can change vruchnuyu.Transfokatory – focal length of such lenses can be changed by remote control. Processing tools switcher – it is a special device with which can be used in series with the output images from multiple cameras on one monitor.Kvadrator – this is a special device that allows you to simultaneously display images from the four or eight cameras monitor.Multipleksor one – is a special device that allows you to simultaneously display images from four, eight or sixteen cameras on one monitor, as well as for recording images received from all cameras an analog VCR. All of the above devices are now obsolete with the emergence of digital media processing izobrazheniya.Matrichny switcher – a digital device designed for video processing. He is able to display on a monitor image from each camera in the surveillance system. VCR video recorders now obsolete. Conventional magnetic tape cassette will fit a 24-hour video, if you reduce the write speed, you can record videos up 960 hours. These DVRs ustroistva record video from cameras video to your hard drive. DVRs are divided into: video servers – specialized kompyutery.Nekompyuternye DVRs. Auxiliaries Thermal – is special devices which are capable of recording the temperature of the observed surface. Automatic cameras – may increase the possibility of video surveillance systems, for example, photographing the "critical moments" For example, when photographing traffic violations. Speakerphones This access control system. They may also have a video recording. Microphones provide additional information in the form of audio video facility. Additional Equipment In addition, modern video surveillance systems can meet a wide range of accessories such as amplifiers or infrared illuminators.