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To use eBooks gratuitous as tool of marketing and spreading of sites and blogs is a strategy that can attract many visitors and generate many businesses. It sees the 10 better strategies that you can apply using ebooks: 1. eBook offers to one the people Gratis adores things gratis. One ebook of free distribution is perfect to generate traffic therefore if the material will be good, the users will go to visit its web site to get more information. 2. A Specialist in its Area becomes When you write a quality material, you she passes to be known as a specialist and gains points reliable. The people start to hear with more attention what you say or write in its sites and blogs. 3.

eBook with the Content of its Site or gratuitous Blog Oferea one creates one ebook with part of the content of its site or blog. This will make the people to be more time in contact with its ideas and articles and will help to generate more visits in the site. 4. eBook Exclusive in the Signature of the NewsLetter Crie offers one and offers one ebook exclusive for assinates of newsletter. This strategy makes to increase the number of subscribers significantly. 5.

eBook Permite shares its that others web sites disponibilizem its ebook for download. They will be happy in inserting new contents in its web sites and you ebook will be happy with the biggest spreading of its (with its ideas and its links inside of it). It does not forget to divulge it in sites of communities and directories of links and notice. 6. Link for a page of its site of the type indicates for a Friend Includes in its ebook one ' ' It indicates for a Amigo' ' makes the net to work for you in the spreading of its work. 7. Program of Affiliated Offers one eBook exclusive for that to adhere to its program of affiliated. This will increase the number of partners and them they will be happy. 8. It exempts and Gratis It well clearly leaves in its ebook that it is of free distribution and stimulates the people to distribute it. It is important to leave well clearly this information for the people if not to feel constrangidas to to share its ebook. 9. A good form decides the Problems of the People to guarantee many downloads for its ebook is to analyze that type of problems its visitors are having in its day the day and to try to decide them. A tutorial one, and-course or a detailed information to decide a situation related to its niche is guarantee of many downloads for its ebook. 10. Links and Referncias Insert many links and references of its sites and blogs in its ebook. As for example, ' ' Atualizada&#039 has access blog to get a version more; '. When you distribute one ebook gratuitous never you know where it goes to stop. Nor all the people go to get it in its web site. It stimulates the people to have access the site or blog to get a brought up to date version more and gains many visits and who knows, frequent readers of its blog. More information on Generation of Traffic and Creation of eBooks in: great I hug to All!