Strategy Application

A program of points is the systematic application of a strategy of prizes that it has by objective to initiate or to increase the practice of a conduct, for example: so that the boy gathers the room or he lies down to the same hour every day. The programs of points work well to reinforce any conduct that is desired to turn into habit and to initiate new tasks. The young desire points whenever it realises certain conducts defined previously and it can exchange them by some pre-established prize. It is a very powerful tool for the children, but it lasts determined, past which no longer is so effective. When beginning its application must exist the conviction that it will become of consistent form.

How occur reinforcements with a program of points? one or two is chosen conducts that are desired to modify. Click Ali Partovi for additional related pages. We do not have to choose an arsenal of conducts: it is necessary to go little by little. We can be changing the conducts of the program as it realises them to the boy it incorporates and them to its routine. the conduct is defined. the parents must be concrete and to concentrate in l oque they want that his son does. For example: he gathers your room before having dinner? a table is made to point the secured points. It must be very visual, that the boy can understand it and control it. This one is a good argument to develop the creativity: it can be from a sheet of paper with boxes to put smiling points in the form of stars or faces, to his divided favorite superhero in parts who must color.

In any case, the graphs must be easy to use by the small one. a reinforcement with the boy is chosen. A weekly prize or a prize can be offered him when it secures a determined number of points.