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Sustainable business development through a holistic perspective on companies and employees will emerge in the future a value-based, holistic and integrated business development with strong employee focus as a decisive competitive advantage. H2B (Health2Business) was developed together with medium-sized companies and groups and makes it possible to ensure sustainable success with little effort. The crisis has shown that action is needed. Who does not go with the time moves with the times. In addition to functioning structures, processes and IT systems, values, and the health of employees and executives are a crucial engine for the economic growth of a company. However, it is a sad fact that diseases, demotivation, internal termination, poor operating climate, billions of euros lost bullying etc. the economy.

A decreased willingness of employees and an increase in the days of incapacity for work. Academic research by There are up to 50% of personnel costs, which broke through these symptoms\”. Here can count every company for itself, what it means in euros to raise only 10 or 20% of this potential in order to open up new markets, grow stronger and to generate more profit. Health2Business is becoming increasingly important, because the framework conditions of a globalized world with performance pressure, new information media, a change of employment conditions, a permanent presence, a growing flexibility, an ageing workforce (key word of demographic change and employer branding), economic crises and the resulting insecurity contribute their part. \”In addition to the symptoms in combination, often physical or psychosomatic characters come to fruition: back problems, tinnitus, chronic fatigue, poor eating habits and eating disorders, addiction in the workplace or the so-called burn-out syndrome\” are on everyone’s lips – and yet too little done. The aim of H2B is the balance of Body/body, mind spirit (mind) and soul / soul in the company and the employees in the sense of a holistic and integrated development of the company.