SuperDisk Drive

Storage ZIP Superdisk SuperDisk Drive It is the commercial name of the disc and the disk drive of the Imation company that uses technology LS-120 (ls of LAserServo), this technology allows that in a special disc of 3? inches the SuperDisk Drive can be stored up to 120 MB (83 discs of 1,44 MB) and at the same time supports to the use of discs of 3 and average inches of 720 KB and 1,44 MB but with a rapidity superior as far as Read/write that drive common, This Drive is connected externally. Iomega Zip The commercial name of the device of the Iomega company. This device in truth has had great acceptance by its size, reduced weight and fast installation (connection to the parallel port and recognition by a special manager) makes ideal like movable unit, in addition their discs to a pound are only available in formats of 25 MB and 100 MB (70 discs of 1.44 MB), these discs are a little greater and heavy than a disc of 3? inches but are very easy to transport. Storage in Reproducers MP3 and others Mp3, Mp4 A digitalis reproducer audio is a device that stores, organizes and reproduces digitalis archives audio. Commonly reproducer of MP3, reproducer MP3 is denominated to him, or simply MP3 by the music format that reproduce, these often have a memory and a connection via used USB reason why possible being like units also does of storage, exist in the market diverse capacities, designs, styles and sizes. Cellular telephones. Being of used mass media but at present, these also incorporate small micro memories SD or M2 where images are stored, audio and video and by all means the possibility of keeping data although is not their main purpose, but they count on memory adapters that allow that the computer can read and write on these.