Systemic Therapy

Dipl. – teacher Heike Bangert Wang informed people need a social environment and relationships with other people. They give stability, confidence and provide a stable environment. In partnerships, it can but cause problems. More often feels misunderstood, finds no way of communication and also problems outside of the relationship can lead to a strain within the partnership. Not rarely, both partners lose then in mutual accusations and lack of understanding. The systemic therapy offers a solution that helps them to reconsider his behavior and positive change to reflect the relationship a chance. The graduate teacher Heike Bangert Wang from ubach-Palenberg informed about the work of the systemic therapy.

Replace disturbing behaviors in relationships is often just as routinely behaves like in work processes. To not reconsider his actions, because it runs automatically. This may in relations cause that at some point one or both sides is uncomfortable feel and desire changes, because conflicts are unfortunately not uncommon. The systemic therapy aims in talks, that it deals exactly with this everyday actions and behavior and gets an impression of how to deal with his counterpart. Many discover that they need to make some changes.

Therefore, the systemic therapy offers solution approaches to discover new action potential. She regard always the entire social environment, in which the relationship is. Because they interact with each other and can also include potential. It is important that both sides take advantage of their own resources, because the systemic therapy could lead to just, the parties themselves must go to the healthy and happy relationship. For detailed information about the systemic therapy the Dipl. pedagogue Heike Bangert Wang from ubach-Palenberg is always available.