Mae Hong Son

In addition to rings, most women wear anklets of brass and even silver bangles. Next to my new mentor confidence grows, what makes that now yes remove the camera with the purpose of giving away souvenir copies. Inaugurated the printer with the woman that I have established a first contact, will continue the rest of women, some of which have no objection even to the time of makeup before me, to show that they want to appear in the photographs most beautiful possible. Is not do me thank you very much, because with makeup naturalness is lost a bit of their faces. So not all make-up, I take a small plastic chair, to quickly place it in the middle of the village without giving them time to fix in excess. The thing starts to cheer when the mouth is present in the population.

I’m hogging all the attention in the area, as soon as their surprised faces contemplate perplexing, as it will coming out every one of the printed copies. I’ve made about 20 copies while I cerciono that this step will end the role unless it can portray all those who wish to do so. I take a rest under the shade of the tent from my contact in which appears his daughter; a beautiful girl of 18 years I presented under the name of Maso or translated M?Jose.con a perfect Spanish asks me about my origin. To say Barcelona, he starts a conversation with some phrases in catalan. I can’t believe it! He has knowledge of catalan, Basque and Galician, not forgetting that tells me he is credited with 8 languages. Asked where he learned Spanish, responds to me that chatting with visitors who He met in the village, because only you have exited here on one occasion, when they took them to an amusement park in Mae Hong Son.