Kyoto City Hall Service

In fact, at the airport of Barajas, if you you want to save waiting time in control, there are companies that they send you boarding pass directly to your mobile phone (in format BIDI), lo scaneas and raisins with priority over the rest. Checking in events. To obtain accreditation or invitation. For more information in this regard please consult the post I posted few weeks about accreditation by BIDI codes systems. Credit in the hotels. The customer can save your QR code with your reservation number that can be read from the different points of sale of the hotel to be able to load its consumption to the room account. Customer loyalty.

In mode of loyalty card, where we can store large amounts of information about the customer and our hotel / Agency. Brochures and catalogs. So users can expand your information by going to the website of the hotel or monument (or object of interest), accessing extras like virtual tour, video, content, etc. Can also be used in magazines and billboards for that user You can directly access more information, sweepstakes, or even more avant-garde trends that allow all users within range of my sender located through shipments via bluetooth. Geolocation.

For information about tourist attractions and in combination with other technologies such as augmented reality, Google Favorite Places, google Maps, etc. Etc. Building with QR code and reality aumentadEl building known as N Building, located in Tokyo, decorates its facade with a QR code. In its initial version code QR in the building only enciphered the URL of the web site of the building, but now it makes use of the augmented reality to show digital information superimposed on the real image of the building as the tweetts written by its tenant stores information that is in its interior, offers, promotions, etc. The Kyoto City Hall Service for tourist information on the town started using QR via mobile phone in March 2005. To read printed QR in an advertisement in the street to through mobile, we can quickly get information from hotels or bus schedules. This service is which you install information panels with QR code code in 87 bus stops and offers information about 170 tourist attractions. For example, if you read the Hikashiyama QR code, obtainable information relating to the Temple of this place, and the area in general as well as the timetable of buses. Moreover, in Spain already underway the first promotional actions of destinations using this technology as it is the project of the city of Roses and AndaluciQR which is a new online service free offered by the Innovation Center tourism of Andalusia and the Ministry of tourism, trade and sport of the Junta de Andalucia to improve the level of competitiveness and innovation of the Andalusian tourism sector.