The Same

Coaching does not teach, and helps to learn. " Coaching (English) – training, tutoring, training. Coach (English) – coach, mentor. The roots of coaching goes into the sport, more precisely in the coaching job. Technique-oriented rather than on strict compliance with the instructions how to maximize the disclosure of internal capacity Athlete were truly revolutionary. But even more surprising is that these methods and these principles work well in business and in many other areas of our lives. So there was a fundamentally new direction Consulting – coaching.

Admittedly, that advice – it's not quite the correct name for coaching as counseling usually involves a more or less ready to offer solutions to problems that absolutely not typical coaching. Nevertheless, this definition is fairly widespread. Modern coaching is usually divided into several areas. In my view, properly be divided into two areas: Coaching, as a form of counseling. Coaching as a management style. We first consider coaching as a form of counseling. It is convenient to define a business coaching, that is coaching to address a client of various problems in business, and Life-coaching, that is coaching to address any life problems, achieve life goals. This division is rather conditional, since the business – it is usually an integral part of our lives. But at the same time, this division is quite justified, since in the modern tradition of business is business and personal life – it's a personal life. Business coaching can be conducted both individually and for teams (eg, as part of a project).