Genesis 2: 16.17 "And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden you may eat. But the tree of knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat because the day you eat of it you shall surely die. " If we meditate on the word of God with a little detail can be observed that the development of action plan of salvation, the Scriptures are the most momentous action undertaken with language conative in the history of linguistics, the macro biblical message is composed of structures at all levels persuasive discourse. God desires to influence the mind, spirit and behavior of each reader. It is important to remember that the conative aspect of language use in the spiritual dimension should be studied by relating to the human faculty of free will, which involves participation of the will of man against God's intention. It is also beneficial to mention that the presence of this function in biblical language demonstrates the exclusivity of the celestial initiative in the redemption of man.

The phatic function in the Bible. The Scriptures, a permanent phatic act of divine communication. In any study of the basic outline of the communication theory emphasizes the fact that it does not exist if there is no decoding and interpretation of the message by the recipient, of equal value is the need of permanence on the communicative process, because it makes social interaction possible. The participant in the communicative act especially the receiver should give signals to the transmitter so that it is satisfied that its message is being received, also known to be interrupted, but then re-establish reception, this is in the call Phatic or Contact.