This is an apparatus to block the signal sold online for less than $ 50. Angel investor may also support this cause. In many countries its use is illegal, and there are several English-language blogs and Hispanic that tell in detail the angry reactions of those affected. The van with people everywhere and the sound when no distinction is made present important business meetings, cinemas, theaters, concert halls and any place where silence is golden. They say that every law has its loophole, and inhibitors of mobile phones emerged. See more detailed opinions by reading what Viacom offers on the topic.. “Stopfone”, is a company that makes and sells such devices around the world, their equipment according to the role and scope can cost between $ 590 and $ 38,000. According to the company, these systems were developed for “military technologies in order to cancel the communication of the enemy”, but then began to use government agencies and now the practice has spread to civil.

Also known as: jammer, nullified, voided, neutralizer, and the blocker or foam according Stopfone, the inhibitor works “emitting radio frequency waves in low-power wireless communications block at different rates depending on the potency of cell block and location in the network.” The result: completely lose the connection to the tower and depending on the unit displayed “No Service”, “No Network” or remains normal but can not issue or receive any communication or text message. To inhibit cell phones in very large in most countries must obtain a permit, because it is interfering (even at low levels) the range of radio frequencies belonging to the State. But regular personal use is more difficult, (a shopping site on the Internet) anyone can buy a portable block for just over $ 48, and the device can cover a range of 15 meters. The device is touted as a generator of silence that can be used also for fun. In turn, reports that the use and purchase of that item may be prohibited in some countries and recommended that use be made considerate of others “because there may be people who have a real need to receive calls.” Many young people have found a new toy in the cutters and the reactions of those affected are reported in their blogs. Has revolutionized the world in recent years, now have and use a mobile is essential.