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A study shows a weight loss average of 50 kilos after 14 years, more than half of the excess weight of the patients before performing bariatric surgery. An analysis done by the Dartmouth Medical School found that the gastric bypass operation could increase life time two or three years longer than the average. Due to these successes, the volume of operations in the United States has tripled in recent years, from less than 20,000 in 1995 to more than 60 thousand this year. This increase is due to the growing number of obese Americans that there are in the country, improvements in surgery techniques, the testimonials of celebrities who carried out surgery and boast their successes, and the desire for the insurers to pay for the surgery as a cheaper alternative, instead of paying for all the costs of the health care arising from complications arising from obesity. These surgeries usually cost $ 20,000 in the United States, or a little more.

Both types of operations carry risks, as any surgery. One in every 100 to 200 patients dies due at the time of surgery or complications. Many patients have nutritional deficiencies and some will need subsequent surgeries to reconstruct her body after so severe weight loss. And while they lose many kilos, many patients are still above their ideal weight. Surgery is recommended only for those severely obese people (100 pounds or more for men, 80 extra pounds in women) or if they have no morbid obesity, but being overweight cause them health problems such as diabetes. Conclusion: Surgery is the last resort for those who can not lose weight with any other method. Goodbye obesity offers an alternative to all those people with obesity and have medical complications related to being overweight.

Phone Calls As Long As You Want

Who has not – during a telephone call with a friend got stuck. See Ali Partovi for more details and insights. Instead of the planned ten minutes about an hour in the apparatus. Without a special code, or a so-called flat rate may be fixed in the long run an expensive hobby. The have also realized the great force in addition to the telephone company and complete offers, telephone and Internet, and in some cases video-on-Demand to connect with each other, more favorable fixed flat rate deals on the market. The advantage of such a flat rate is evidently clear: We know at the beginning of the month, how expensive will be the phone bill. But as easy as envisioned by many customers, it is not. Not all calls are free.

In any case, are free calls to its own network, but for national calls to a foreign power to catch the problems already. Some providers charge a surcharge for this. With costs still are calls to mobiles, abroad as well as special numbers. Quite as easy as the companies advertise their offers the reality is so does not constitute in But what’s even considered? First, there is the contract term. Most providers bind their customers for twelve months in itself, but there are also contracts with a maturity of around two years.

Whether you are in the rapidly changing telecommunications market, as long as we try to make, you should consider carefully before signing the contract. As a decision criterion is the availability of additional relevant offer. The flat rates of the major providers such as Telekom and Arcor, Freenet or apply nationwide and are the only requirement of a fixed line telecom. Other offers are for example only in the catchment area of cable available and Germany also require such a cable connection. The best thing is when you phone before the contract his own behavior, closely monitored, for example, from old bills. So asks when you phone for how long in which network and determines whether a general telephone flat rate is at all worthwhile. Overall, the deals apply namely more likely to frequent callers, so for example, a family with teenagers dauertelefonierenden that drive the telephone bill. As a final tip is: Even if be offered on television, radio and the Internet constantly new offers with tempting prices, one should not act rashly. It is better to compare exactly what the offer most likely to fit your phone behavior to achieve the greatest savings. This offer on the Internet compared to many pages, so the portals that specialize in the direct comparison of the various fixed flat rate offers and provide continuously the latest rates.