ASUS Recovery System

'Hilenky' Celeron 630 MHz frequency, funny today the RAM to 512 MB (64 of which go back to the needs of the graphic chip), and poor 4GB ROM are fairly bleak picture. And here also can download Online Windows XP, in conjunction with additional software packages give the user only 250 MB of free space. Only one way out – by removing all to hell! More creative way to solve the problem shortage of places can be so precious, creating an assembly of the operating system from scratch. Let's help our tiny friend! The attached to the laptop CD-ROM ASUS Recovery System folder is a file RECOVERY EeePC. In conjunction with the Norton Ghost utility for a few moments there is a restoration of the system. Learn more about this with Viacom. Through it you can reinstall XP. But to make a distribution to go to the directory i396XP, where a spy named Eee PC Multilanguage package and presented to the distribution Windows XP HOME SP2.

Copy the folder entirely on the hard drive. With the same discs can be copied to the laptop ASUS drivers in the correct directory. A great 'builder' Windows XP to this day is a free software nLite. But in order for the program identified the newly created folder i386XP, there must also copy the files WIN51 (need to install SP3) and WIN51IC. You can find them in any distro fifth 'windows' or in the vast all-knowing Google. In the same directory as portable BOOTFONT.BIN, if you do not want to install the system to see instead of Russian symbolism incomprehensible hieroglyphics.


Who it sounds in the receiver? Podnoshu iPhone to the speaker and ten seconds later I already know who, fifteen see the lyrics on the screen, and I can watch or listen to on Youtube almost any song from this artist. Peter Asaro understood the implications. All this is done three clicks of the program Sound Hound. Well, even additional services such as: full discography, similar songs and similar groups, and others around musical themes. Here is a mega-application has grown from a small free programs from Midomi which appeared six years ago at the dawn of creation appStore. This program will pick up the melody of your mumbling, find the song a few words and 10 seconds will determine the name of a group that plays the radio. In general, this Winner of music shows guess anything.

In onilne database contains an unprecedented # of music that compares fragments coming through the microphone iphone. Of all the service programs the most alive and in demand – definition performer pieces of music. On some radio stations have a paid service – they send you by SMS the name of the song was played on the air. So why do we now. I tested the program on foreign pop and rock stations and has received almost 90% correct results. With the national music program is not friendly nor Syutkina or Lionteva in the database yet. Apparently it affected its value is always a good idea at the time something grow. Main feature is of course, recognition of the compositions of the musical passage.

With this task cope perfectly well. True, it is desirable that during the siege there was no extraneous noise. There is a function determine the performer of the voice. You say the name aloud, and the program displays the name on the screen. Try to speak with the right accent. For qualitative work, the program needs a good Internet connection.

Internet Cases

Greedy manufacturers and sellers of computer equipment that fact for obvious reasons, tend not to advertise. However, special need for this – the computer in the economy it is absolutely indispensable and use them we do not stop no matter what. Still, the potential dangers fraught with these devices should be remembered, because problems in the "hardware", in itself a sufficiently serious problem that could escalate into a real catastrophe, because very often lead to loss of an important and often invaluable information. Marc Mathieu has plenty of information regarding this issue. According to estimates of the analytical Agency Gartner, 15% of all laptops sold out of order during the first year and 22% – over the next four years. Desktop computers are viable over such misfortunes overtake them only in 5-12% of cases. More often all computer crashes due to failure of the hard drive, ranked first in the list of the most vulnerable parts.

According to experts, about half of the drives sold today in Russia are very vague origin. Many of these are defective products, slightly modified by national craftsmen. No wonder more than 75% of cases, data loss happens it is due to failure of the hard disk. If the information has been lost as a result of programming errors, it might just be restored. If enough skilled user, this will be sufficient to use one of the tools downloaded from the Internet or purchased in a shop near the CD-ROM drive. However, if data lost due to mechanical damage to the media, appeals to professionals not be avoided.

International Forum

UnitECO SCAN built on the basis of two decisions: UnitECO DVS and UnitECO LOCK. This combination enables real-time data to compare the detectors with the situation in places of inspection, control and control access to them. In addition to innovative developments in the company's stand was attended by 2S already known and proven in the market of security systems software and hardware solutions UnitECO DVS, UnitECO CHECK, UnitECO LOCK, UnitECO ALARM. The basis for all decisions UnitECO are the server station with its own software, based on the operating system Linux. The system is designed to handle large volumes of information and has a high-availability, Linux provides high reliability and stability of the complexes produced their work.

In addition, security system, built on the basis of UnitECO, characterized by a fast implementation and operation, broad functionality, scalability and low total cost of ownership. Check out Geoff Richcards for additional information. That's why the decision UnitECO since 2006 are installed and successfully run on thousands of sites in different regions of Russia. Serious professional interest of the participants Exhibition to decisions UnitECO and CCTV equipment 2S expressed not only in the ordinary acquaintance with them, but also a desire to promote and sell the products of these brands in their respective regions. In particular, in the course of the exhibition several companies operating in the market, distribution and installation of TSB, have expressed a desire to become a partner of 2S. In addition, several organizations expressed their readiness to buy now hardware and software systems and UnitECO visual equipment, 2S. With hundreds of organizations, the sales department is in talks on cooperation, which started at the forum "Security and Safety Technologies – 2010". XV International Forum "Security and Safety Technologies" was held 2 to 5 February 2010 in Moscow at the International Exhibition Centre "Crocus Expo". Participants noted increased at an event compared to the previous year 2009, business activity and the altered quality of visitors (Attended by industry professionals only), and a large percentage of visitors from the regions.

According to the organizer – Reed Exhibitions, the first two days of the forum participants of the conference and business events, as well as visitors to the exhibition were 8500 professional security industry. International Forum "Security and Safety Technologies – B2B event that brings together the three components of the security market: state orders for national security, business security and privacy. Exhibitors are software companies and distributors of products and services of the security industry. According to event organizer – Reed Exhibitions, Forum, "Technology Security – 2009 "was visited by more than 15 000 unique visitors at more than half of them participate in decision making. Company 2S – a developer, manufacturer and supplier of software and hardware solutions and equipment for UnitECO CCTV 2S. Founded in 2002. Headquartered in Moscow. The company has a regional office in Nizhny Novgorod and partner offices in St. Petersburg, Samara, Penza, Voronezh, Ufa, Krasnodar, Republic of Komi and Belarus. UnitECO – ready hardware and software solutions for the construction of integrated security systems at the facilities of any size and complexity: UnitECO DVS – network video surveillance; UnitECO CHECK – video monitoring of cash operations; UnitECO LOCK – access control systems (ACS); UnitECO SCAN – automated inspection and control; UnitECO ALARM – centralized collection and processing of alarm information; UnitECO ALARM-C – central monitoring and control devices and CD OPS.

Firewall Traffic

Problem Users can not connect to WinRoute, using the VPN Client. The decision to work properly VPN client several steps: 1. VPN Server interface WinRoute Administration Console must be enabled. This setting can be found in the Configuration / Interfaces. If it is not enabled, select the device and click Edit. Then select Enable VPN Server.

2. VPN Server interface must be configured to assign an appropriate range of IP-addresses for clients. This is set by selecting the device by pressing Edit, then add a range and a mask for the IP-address assignment. This range should be a class of private IP-addresses (eg and should not be a range, which is already used in the network. 3.

DHCP Server in WinRoute must be enabled. DHCP Server assigns IP-addresses to VPN clients. To enable the DHCP Server, go to Configuration / DHCPServer and check the Enable DHCPServer. 4. Rules should be created traffic policy, which allowed VPN traffic Client’a through the firewall. This rule should look like this: * Source: Any (or specific IP addresses you wish to allow) * Destination: Firewall * Service: Kerio VPN * Action: Permit 5. Another rule traffic policy should be created to allow traffic from end users to the sources that you allow. This rule should be as follows: * Source: VPN Clients * Destination: LAN (or specific IPs / hosts) * Service: Any (or specific services) * Action: Permit Note: In addition to these settings, TCP and UDP traffic should be allowed from the client to the server WinRoute. This may be a problem if there are other firewalls between the client and WinRoute. We recommend you to disable personal firewalls on the client machine. When testing the settings are correct, you can connect via VPN-client. If you can not, please enable VPN logging on WinRoute: 1. Select the debug log section in the administration console. 2. Right-click inside the window debug magazine. Select Messages. 3. Check out all the options within a group of VPN. Once you have done all this, give the request for technical support Kerio.


Specifically, if you try to view the photos (with hard drive). When you start Photoshop. Ceased to run many toys (such as alavarovskih). Well, in several more rare. Now the points – I've done and what it led to.

1) Uninstall MobiEdit – did not help. 2) remove the drivers and everything related to bluetooth (because I still buggy bluetooth in connection with CellPhones – ie just in case) – has not helped. 3) for download the latest Nvidia driver set, set-updated (this was the advice of Ineta) – has not helped. 4) The next item was the most sad, but it is quite logical: the full system reset. Even formatnula to any fireman Section C: – to be already fully confident that no poostavalos no tails. The result of this action was simply amazing: there was a dump of physical memory a minute after loading the newly installed WINDOWS (XP). I tried to run the Explorer – and op! In general, of course, a complete shock.

Only at that moment it dawned on me that the problem is still not soft, APPARATNAYa. It followed that must climb inside the system unit. I, of course, I do not like – and what to do? And right now, who's easy? I opened the box. Oh my dear mother! And there pylyuki – a centimeter! Do not get me wrong – this is, of course, was hyperbole. Still Comp does not open, who knows how long – from the purchase date, I think.

Lake Geneva

European scientists have created a robotic salamander that uses the central nervous system in amphibians as to switch between swimming and walking after crawling out of the ground water. The robot can help scientists understand evolution, and designers will show how nature itself solves this problem. Observe the conduct of this experiment is extremely intresno, because so far these robots are not created. Robot salamander was developed by BIRG from the Swiss city of Lausanne. The project participants themselves call it revolutionary. Until now robots are able, or walk or swim, but could not do both. The site has links to BIRG video robot in motion.

They include swimming robot on Lake Geneva and vypolzanie ashore. Of course there are robots snakes, flying robots are designed and walking robots, but here robosalamandr who knows how to do it all the same well – is really a great achievement. It remains only to teach him how to fly! From this point of view it is hard to disagree. After all, flying robots will significantly advance robomehaniku forward. The flight will require robots to track and manage multiple parameters. Among these parameters: height, speed, maneuvering on the ground, taking into account wind and rain. In general – the whole complex of factors, without which normal and safe flight impossible. The complexity of this process, says although the complexity of the profession of pilot.

However, bonuses from the development of such robots will be far greater than the difficulties. Along with the further development cognitive robots that will be able to send robots to study human inaccessible places, including other planets. Generally in Europe is the last time so many projects robot direction, but the recognized leader in robotics is Japan. Japanese robots are already able to walk, run, jump, swim and even play football. Following Gia Japan are the U.S., which also pays great attention to robotics.

IBM Rational ClearQuest

Employees also feel great in their instruments, was a period of adaptation and everything is ticking like a clock. Where is the bottleneck? Of course, as always the most insecure in our consumer. Often, seeing the mistake at his monitor, the user is not able to determine what is actually happening. The program can not connect? Probably need to contact the service service because the network is down, but it is possible that this is a bug in some module, and hence need to call the programmer. 3. How to get out of …

The most logical way – it is certainly a common dispatch service organization receiving requests from consumers. With a questionnaire instructions, the controller may receive applications at an early stage to identify which service is a request or already "in place" to solve the problem. By freeing users from having to choice, where we turn, we moved the problem to the dispatcher receiving applications, to be exact, where the same request to register? After all, the programmers work for us in ClearQuest, and customer service Service desk. In this case, the surface is based on three possible to solve the problem: To initiate the adaptation process of development in the HP Service desk, and organize the transition from developer IBM Rational ClearQuest; And of course, possible to organize a reverse process, ie adapt processes service centers in the IBM Rational ClearQuest and organize customer-service move with HP Service desk; Arrange for receipt of applications manager and access to the system of HP Service desk, and the system of IBM Rational ClearQuest; first two points – it certainly is for the most daring and ambitious companies, as spent a lot of money and human resources for the organization of both processes.

Password Program

A strong password – a long, nonsensical combination of numbers and symbols. A couple of – three of these passwords to remember it is possible, but I doubt that you use so little service. Try to calculate how much you have passwords. Twenty? Thirty? Or more? Remember this number of passwords is impossible to write – is unreliable. What do you do? And then come to the aid of special software passwords. The main advantages of the program passwords: All data is stored in an encrypted file data is password protected. The only password you need to remember. In addition to usernames and passwords you can store other information such as: credit cards, PIN – codes, phone numbers, etc.

Use password managers is much safer storage of passwords in the browser where they can easily steal. There are many hacker programs that do this. Say, much more convenient to write down their passwords on the sheet of paper or in separate file on your computer? But the piece is easy to get lost, and the data file, you can peek in, or wipe with another clean system. How do they work? Program automatically save passwords passwords – login and substituted them at next logon to the site. If you have multiple accounts, you only need to select the one under which you want to access. You can keep your personal information. When you register your data will be substituted automatically, and will fill in the missing fields. This saves you from having to spend time filling out long registration forms.

Built-in password generator creates complex passwords, not using only letters and numbers, but the special characters. You can adjust the length of the password, use of special characters and other settings. Many of the programs have a USB version: You can use the program without installing it on the computer. At work, home, travel – these will always be with you. The most famous program of passwords: Robosoft, KeePass, Handy Password. KeePass free program, but the installation and interface is quite complex. Roboform and Handy Password has a free 30-day period, where you can try its features. Program passwords allow you not only save time but do not worry about the security of your password.

Calculation Program SCS Lanmaster

Clients come from queries on the calculation of SCS is not uncommon for the calculations required to perform yesterday and provide the customer with a specification that would have been well framed, but still be in it and no errors. Yes, and even a few provide options! Time, as often happens, the engineer to calculate the SCS or the manager to design specifications for materials and work is not enough. I've often faced with the fact that all the engineers are busy and overworked, so they had to perform the calculations yourself. A time for the calculation of the structured cabling system design and specifications for the SCS with prostanovkoy price of even a small structured cabling system leaves a lot of lost time and it is very difficult and sometimes impossible to return. But if even know that your form as a solution provider, and then several of the calculations and specifications furnished and then several dozen, selected one, two! The client is not satisfied with the fact that its specification is prepared for a long time that the time for pre-sale and spent a lot of it can be understood. Especially if the client is a mediator. What can do in order to accelerate the process of pre-sale, process the request quickly and efficiently from the client and issue a beautifully executed spec, give your client a few options, but still skenomit your time? Need to draw on the work program "Calculator SCS LANMASTER The cost of the program will pay off quickly time savings not only engineers, but also the project manager.