Windows Services

Service – is special programs that implement the various functions of the operating system. Of unnecessary services can be eliminated. Why spend the cpu time and ram on your computer up and running unnecessary services? Select 'Start-Control Panel-Administrative Tools-Services, "and get into the management console of the computer services. To view the services can use the standard form of review. Truth for the convenience you need to deploy window to full screen and expand the field 'Description'. And you can use the Advanced view view by selecting the appropriate tab at the bottom of the window. Thus, you now have the opportunity to become acquainted with the appointment of any Services in your computer, moving through the list or by using the arrow keys on your keyboard or the mouse. Double-clicking on the selected service, we can determine the Startup type: Automatic, Manual or Disabled.

The services that, in my opinion, you can disable or translate the startup type to manual mode to improve the performance of your computer. NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing; QoS RSVP; Telnet; Automatic Updates, Wireless Configuration, Manager print queue (if no printer); Help Session Manager Remote Desktop, ups, Scheduler, Time Service Windows; Service serial number of portable multimedia devices; Messaging service; Terminal Services; smart cards, remote shutdown reestr.Pered good viewing of the tab "Dependencies", to be sure that disabling a service does not affect the operation of other services. Step # 6. Set up the bios. Increase download speed of your computer, you can also perform a number of settings, BIOS: Disable auto-Floppy-disk drive; Disable autodetect hard disks, because the number of hard disks in your computer – is almost always a constant:) Turn off the test operational pamyati.Shag # 7. Clean system disk.

There are occasions when runs out of space on the system partition and Windows can not create a swap file, or in the system there are real slow with constant suggestions to perform disk cleanup. In addition to removing unnecessary files and delete unnecessary restore points you can perform several actions: Clear Cache drivers. Why do you want to delete all files in a folder WindowsDriver Cachei386; Clear the cache system libraries (delete all files in a folder WindowsSystem32dllcache); Delete folder contents WindowsTemp.Takim way by doing just some simple manipulation, you will be able to breathe life in the 'old' computer, or to optimize the powerful. If you read the article, and you could not perform these operations, you can get a free course to optimize Windows xp, in which all these issues are considered in the form of visual instructions.