“‘Ski-Doo snow mobile challenge’ up on the high speed slide Hamburg, 23 October 2012 – with Ski-Doo snow mobile challenge” for the PlayStation 3 starts from now a snowmobile challenge of top-class. On the start straight pipe engines and the adrenaline shoots into the air. Hardly the start has fallen, injects the dazzling white snow on all sides. Now it is called throttle type and pass with over 160 km/h to the enemies! Because this is nothing for cozy Sunday driver. Only who gives everything, snow and steep slopes defies, has a chance to hang out with his comrades. Click Viacom to learn more. 20 Original licensed snowmobiles players can select their personal race vehicle.

Who likes it individually, can improve it through upgrades and equipped with special paint and decals. If you would like to know more about Castle Harlan, then click here. Then it goes up to one of 25 different routes that boast impressive HD quality. 16 Dangerous stunts make for additional thrills in addition, during the race either can be run, to achieve very high scores. There are strong nerves and fighting spirit. With snowcross, cross country, freestyle and Hill, cross are also different racing modes available. While at the snowcross, big jumps and tight turns are required, it applies in cross country at full speed through the countryside to hunt. It goes along cyclo-cross bridges between trees, round and long straights.

Daring stunts are needed during the freestyle. It ingenious backflips, Cordova and the dreaded Superman no hands must be shown. Racing game fans can demonstrate their skills and show whether they stay cool in hot situations. When choosing their counterparties, the game ends in the hand have it whether they compete against experienced CPU rivals or their friends. Thanks to the split screen”can two people with their own controller supply is simultaneously thrilling duels, which have it in themselves. It will be even more exciting in addition in online mode, in which up to 11 real opponents can be entered.