Child-friendly Space Systems By ELA

The solution for the phases of construction and modernization as a provider of mobile room systems PA in recent years the specialists for schools and kindergartens developed into. It has spread, that our space solutions provide a high degree of comfort, ambience and safety”, says Oliver Kolblin ELA field staff. Also those two kindergartens in the Fribourg region look that way. At the St. Elisabeth kindergarten 18 ELA quality container with a useable area of 270 square meters are available during a period of modernization. In addition to games and lounges, there is also wheelchair-accessible sanitary facilities, a door terminal cover and a smoke alarm. A purchase and conversion is also the reason for a PA solution in Jockgrimm.

17 PA modules result in eight areas for playing and learning, a child-friendly sanitary facilities and a magazine. We have already made good experiences with ELA container at a daycare in Rheinzabern”, says Doris wing, architect of the project. At schools and Often the so-called premium rental container by ELA kindergarten is used. This offers a unique market advantage: the three-meter-wide model has an effective area of 18 square meters. Compared to a standard container means this is a plus of three square meters. More info: Ali Partovi. Already from a space of 90 square meters, the use of PA minimum allows the saving of a standard container. Transport, Assembly and energy costs fall substantially as a result. Currently, ELA provides more than 20,000 spaces for immediate use.

A dense sales network, it is possible to deliver a complete container plant almost anywhere in Europe within 24 hours after receipt of order, to rebuild and to pass on the same day turn-key PA experts. Full facilities ELA containers are fully equipped according to individual requirements. Include furnishings, heating and air conditioning or a deployed directly using the containers, comprehensive and modern communication technology such as telephone, fax on request and Internet. Conventional devices can be connected to Internet and telephone preparation. ELA furniture offer additional facilities such as burglar-safe doors, a vestibule and a complete electrical installation as well as tables, chairs and cabinets. The ELA anti-theft represents another safety aspect of mobile spaces. In addition, the polyurethane rigid foam insulation, as well as the integrated ventilation system in the Windows make for a pleasant and healthy room climate. PA package capitalizes on the technology, service at ELA. The care of the customers even after the container delivery is especially important to us”Gunter Albers explains therefore our customer hotline 24 hours, our service is available at any time”. The PA package include among others an insurance policy for the protection of the container and a Germany-wide repair service. Through the exclusive insurance for ELA-container damage be repaired immediately free of charge. The emsland family business PA has Since 1972 the rental service and also the container technology constantly. Now, ELA has approximately 400 employees in throughout Germany. With a fleet of 50 special truck with loading crane supplied customers in almost any location in Europe. The respective PA contact person can be found on the website contact: ELA container GmbH Zeppelin Strasse 19-21 49733 Haren (EMS) Michael Schmidt, ELA marketing Tel: (+ 49) 5932/506-0 fax: (+ 49) 5932 / 506-10

Time Tracking Software

There are ways of working time er chamfer for interior designers a lot interesting professions that take place beyond the normal working hours. One of them, is for example the interior designers. A great job that really makes fun to many people. So much work even at night. Bubbling once the ideas you want yes no longer to hear. Interior designers can be found either at private persons or corporations. They are planning the rooms so that they can be used ideally. It pays really, to deal with such a.

But the whole creative vein, many staff forget the essential time. As a single Maverick, this is usually not as bad. Is employed by a firm of interior decorators, a timekeeping here should in any case. Leaders have only advantages. We must not forget.

You have control over such people hardly. They come and go when it is necessary. A customer appointment here and planning there. There can be times confuses with the times. There are indeed employed working 40 hours. But there are typically more secure. A lot of time to not schedule often goes by at customer appointments. A time recording system is very handy. The staff can be for example by on the way out, login via SMS. The working time recording automatically takes over this and has been running the clock. At logoff, the same game and everything was recorded as well. Sometimes you forget as employees, to lead any hours lists. Often it was such the case that any hours were added incorrectly. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It had something boss, nor the employees. With a service entry, you will save this mess is of course largely. Everything works at the push of button, is assumed generally prefer. Also a list of hours is already an ordeal for many. A small SMS, is much more fun. Where a time sheet is really important. Not only for the company boss. However, also the staff’s right, on his full salary. Unfortunately often go overtime lost, because any sloppy records were presented. It doesn’t have to be that really. Andre Mahtani