Technology of production of the product involves addition to care (which may offer a host of other Manufacturers seem to be anti-aging cosmetics) regulate the functioning of skin regeneration and deep dermal layers of the epidermis and dermis. The development of tools offered in the gift sets for women from the company Desheli, the leading Israeli experts cosmetology took about fifteen years. That's how much time was needed to not only create the ideal ingredients for a rejuvenating complex, but also in order to properly test the resulting product. The results of these tests showed that cosmetic set DeSheli absolutely safe even for people with allergies. Fearlessly, you can use at home. If you do not 'brown' cosmetologist, do not worry. It is you and not be required. Special skills in the use of cosmetics is not necessary.

The main thing to remember consistency in the application of all drugs, but it is not principle. Just under the right procedures result will be much larger. The composition of products includes a variety of substances Desheli whose presence speaks volumes. This liposomes, peptides, beeswax, propolis, olive oil, extracts of jojoba, rice bran, aloe, calendula and many more. Perhaps it is you are looking for them as part of other funds, knowing their useful properties. It is believed that these substances may provide one hundred percent effect only if you are prepared according to popular cosmetics recipes. But not so much time was devoted to working on productions DeSheli. All the ingredients to preserve useful properties and are perfectly compatible with each other.

Each of the series of Crystal Youth is unique not only a perfect composition, most of the components of which have long been known to women, but also the presence of drugs in particular active substance having the name 'intelligent crystals'. Its kind in the world is not there. This is a special active ingredients that stimulate the natural internal balance of the skin. Having the ability to penetrate the deepest layers of skin tissues, they act at the cellular and molecular level. Try makeup DeSheli never too late. Even if you stopped believing in miracles! Source: