Wooden And Steel Doors: Pros And Cons

Wooden and steel doors: the pros and cons. The main function of the entry door is to ensure the safety of the premises and give the person a sense of security. Because the technology is not standing still, the market entry the door is constantly being improved and updated with new developments. If earlier, as the entry door used primarily wooden doors, in recent years more and more living space to win steel doors. Let us consider briefly what are those others, and how the doors preferred. The tree today is the most common material for the manufacture of doors. Wooden doors are popular Because of its natural, durable, beautiful appearance and environmental performance. In addition, the wooden door has a low thermal conductivity, ie, in the winter does not release heat from the room, and in summer keeps in home cool.

Depending on customer preferences, you can purchase an expensive wood door with solid oak or beech, and you can opt for cheaper materials – pine or alder. Wooden entrance doors are one and a half, and odnopolnye dvupolnye, swinging, rotating, lifting and sliding, framed, assembled, solid wood, particle board and so on. Choosing wooden doors, we must remember that they must not only be functional and beautiful, but must meet the overall interior space. The most popular entrance wooden doors, made in classic style or modern style. The main disadvantage of wooden doors, in our opinion, is their high value. If we talk about low prices for the metal doors, the foundation of all steel door is welded from steel profiles and rectangular frame, which has internal ribs. Additional information is available at Mashable.

With one or two sides frame welded steel sheets. All the elements of such doors are made of steel with a thickness of 2 mm. Steel doors can be obbit outside decorative panel, leatherette, wood or powder coat. The space between the steel sheet must be filled foam, “backfilling”, pine timber, mineral wool, polyurethane foam. In recent years, as a filler most often using mineral wool as an environmentally friendly material that does not burn and has a sound and thermal insulation. Increased security steel doors is achieved by using multiple locks, usually two, and a few bolts. Keys to the locks installed on the steel doors are manufactured with a laser. Therefore, it is virtually impossible to forge. Another advantage possessed by the metal steel doors, is that they are very difficult to remove from the hinges. At customer steel doors with sound insulation may become bulletproof. With regard to the installation of doors, the wooden and steel doors are almost the same: the wizard with the level of “expose” the door frame, and then through bolting or long pin in the aperture is fixed door. To summarize. Wooden doors, unlike steel, poorly resists fire and shock effect. They are expensive. But wooden doors are durable, environmentally friendly, do not emit harmful substances and have a beautiful presentable. Steel doors can withstand much greater break-ins. In addition, the steel doors have enhanced resistance to fire. Both doors are equally have the same sound and thermal insulation. We are confident that, after weighing all the pros and cons, the buyer will make the right choice.

USD Application

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Multicolour flat cover will cost you and from $ 5 per 1 sq.m. Expensive are multicolored textured coating – from 10-15 USD per 1 sq.m. Advantages of ornamental plaster: 1. Practicality and durability – decorative plaster usually do not require additional care. Paint for a long time retain their color, not erased, will not wash. The plaster is resistant to mechanical damage and changes in weather conditions. 2. Uniqueness – you can be sure that your cover will be unique both in color and in texture. Repeat a second time exactly the same application can not even professional. Originally sold in white plaster, tintable they wish in any color. 3. Continue to learn more with: Pete Cashmore. Environmental cleanliness – decorative plaster environmentally friendly material. Walls have good air permeability, as would "breathe". 4. Originality – such coverage until the new on our market.