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Until the 17TH century social thought, was characterized by the concern of formulate rules. The rationalism of these thinkers said that scientific attitude towards phenomena, albeit reality outside the conscience, must be released from the influence of the idols and the prenociones, which laid the foundations for what would be the scientific method. Tenets of the scientific method: 1-the study of objective reality should be left aside, all preconceived idea on the facts that are being studied. 2. The spirit will be conducted in the research by constructive and methodical doubt only means of obtaining the truth of the facts and not to deform them, to conform to a revealed truth. 18Th century, displayed the works of Condorcet, Montesquieu and Diderot; They discussed assumptions about social progress.The formation of institutions, control, social change, economic and social transformations, the development of the scientific method; all this prepared the birth of the Sociology in the 19th century. This birth came about with the industrial society, with the proletariat.

Ideology of the revolution of the 18th century; It was intended to delimit the relations of the society to the level of the division of the individual and the State. Postulates of the creators of Sociology: 1-recognition of social phenomena to exist outside the individual consciences, as objective reality; processes of social organization, are not mere reflections of the ideas of the men. 2. Verification that there is a close and growing independence of the various parts of the social structure which constitutes a complex reality in constant transformation, whose laws are to be found, in social life and in the discretion of the demiurgos (name given by the Platonists to creative intelligence; Governor of heaven; in its primitive meaning refers to craftsmen)(, workmen, architects). 3. The verification of the possibility of objectively studying social life, distinguishing scientific mode of addressing it in the utopian activity, which face it, previously assumed social thought. 4.

The proclaimed recognition, need to study the social process, before attempting to intervene in it. Intervention that is performed, as a contribution to the effort to preserve or to transform the existing social order. The founders of Sociology were: Comte, Spencer, Le Play, Lester, Karl, Marx, Ward, Proudhan. Comte christened the new social science and divided its field in:-dynamic (study of change and progress) and – static (synthesis of Condorcet and Montesquieu). The law in the three States saw the evolution of humanity, as a long journey that ended in the age of industrialism. She saw society as a complex reality and considered that all isolated, futile elements of society study, is by nature of irrational and sterile science. imer Crow Holdings. Comte defined its method, as the subordination (a thing depends on another) Systematics of imagination to the observation.I invite you to visit the Digital Library of where you will find quality checked for your spiritual and personal development articles: labor output, health, computer, sports, languages, entertainment, Mditacion and more.