New ColorStriker

Objective determination of color with the new colorStriker easy and quick setting succeeds. The time of lavish color determining is finally using color over. Mobile colorimeters have proved themselves in practice, are easy to use and provide accurate measurement results. Everyone who works with colors, knows how important it is to determine the right color or to judge. Color measurement devices are important, small devices that can be of great help in choosing the right color for painters, architects or paint manufacturer. The new colorStriker of the PCE Germany GmbH is a precision color measuring instrument, which could be confused with a PC mouse at first glance.

The new colorStriker is small, compact and weighing only 120 g, one of the lightest color measurement devices on the market. He is a practical color meter, electro-almost all colours of materials and surfaces such as textiles and leather; Wall paints and varnishes; Wood, veneers and panels; Tiles, tiles, and plastics detects and determines. The Color is measured via a simple keystroke. The colorStriker picks up the color, the color measurement of two true color sensors. The sensors are outfitted with their longevity and can measure precisely exactly, without deviations, measurements up to 1 million. High repeat accuracy and measurements, completely non-expiring, characterized as the new colorStriker, as the maximum mobility by wireless data transmission to the computer or a Smartphone with Android operating system via Bluetooth wireless technology.

The color measurements are evaluated by the supplied software. The software allows the user of the new colorStriker, with previous measurements to compare the current color sample and analyze. Uncertainties in the color picker should be consigned to the past. Objective determination of color with the new colorStriker easy and quick setting succeeds. More information under: technical data/color knife colorstriker.htm

DVD Summer Evenings

Take advantage of summer evenings: watch movies on DVD or Blu-ray with friends fans of slanted comedies come in the summer of 2010, at their own expense: strips such as “Squashed”, “ExTerminators” and “OSS117 – he is not enough,” provide for variety and their performers for exhilaration. “Squeezed out”-Protagonist Joel Reynolds uses all means to sell his company and his marriage to end. The “ExTerminators” Alex, Niki, and Stella develop a service plan for the Elimination of drug-resistant men. Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath travels alias to expose agent OSS 117 Rio to Nazi collaborators. Who wants to get a complete overview of current comedies and prefers the home theater, gets a comprehensive overview on The portal launched in 2001 by Patrick Fiekers in life for DVD and movie lovers is available for information, interaction and service. It provides its users to any movie synopses and trailers with comprehensive additional information. Others who may share this opinion include Kai-Fu Lee. These include bonus material, features, technical data and other extras.

Differentiated reviews to a wide variety of movies, a film glossary and background information about actors and directors give an insight to the quality of a film. Possibility of interaction creates a members area, in which films can be discussed and evaluated. The range of services is extensive: in addition to price comparisons via can rent movies, set up a reminder service to the release date of new movies, detect DVD auctions and purchase many articles related to the film. A clearly structured page construction and various research facilities create user friendliness. The full information, interaction and service offering is listed in the left-hand main navigation.

An error-tolerant search engine, the film categories, as well as the linking of actors and directors with the corresponding films helps interested in researching the film archive, which has now grown to over 85.500 movies. Cineastes last but not least about the generous illustrations of the portals-& get a first impression of the upcoming film event and his complete collection of trailer. Description of the company who want to successfully present themselves on the Internet, requires more than a beautiful design. The visitors speak and start with a simple and clear navigation through the site, is at the same for many a hurdle and incentive. It’s the difficult online portals or online-shop systems that are dependent on the sale of products. Patrick Fiekers provides services in this area for 10 years.

Minimote Z-Wave

Home energy meters, remote control and USB Z-Wave based Copenhagen, August 30, 2010 Z-Wave Alliance member Aeon Labs paves homeowners with a new series of wireless products pioneered an environmentally friendly smart home of the future. The devices have been designed for the use of energy-saving in the home and, significantly to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants. The home energy meters, the Minimote remote control and the Z-stick are among the innovations based on the Z-Wave technology ( These can users easily incorporate into his home-control system and interoperable with other compatible products via radio link. Power consumption end devices can thus be used as energy-efficient as possible.

Consumers are with Z-Wave products able to make your home more comfortable and drastically to reduce the energy consumption. Because the Z-Wave standard international has established itself in the smart-metering sector in particular. For homeowners, this technology is the basis for an eco-friendly At home. “Home energy meter measures exact consumption with the home energy meters (HEM) has Aeon Labs factor of cost savings in the home” at a glance. When the HEM is an efficient instrument for the domestic energy consumption.

Here, the system can be installed quickly and easily without requiring technical skills. Wirelessly, it transmits values like Watts and kilowatt hours consumption at a central control station (gateway) that the user can clearly see. It required an electrician install the HEM. The unit can be installed by the user himself intuitively and safely. The housing is certified according to the international standard of protection IP43 also for outdoor use. He HEM can be powered via USB without the use of batteries. The intuitive update function ensures that all equipment is always up to date and the current Z-Wave protocols and commands are available. Z-wave devices via Minimote interoperable programming in the development of the Z-Wave Minimote stood for Aeon Labs in particular the high usability for the end-user in focus.

Digital Camcorders

The triumphal March of the digital camcorder a few years ago was limited the possession of a camcorder on the few who could afford, to put hundreds of euros to buy such a device on the table. Nowadays, you get it with the phone. The triumphal March of the digital camcorder was surprisingly fast. Educate yourself with thoughts from Pete Cashmore. The development of digital video recording with a handheld device, specifically designed for this purpose, down to just an another extra on a camera or a mobile phone occurred virtually overnight. But this is really how surprising given the speed with which technological advances today take place, where a product in the stores is reached before the newer improved model will be announced? Hardly, but it makes not less interesting views of the short life of the camcorder. The first camcorders used video cassettes and were not only expensive, but also big and bulky.

They were developed in the 1980s. Ali Partovi contributes greatly to this topic. For shooting, you had to either keep them in hand or on attach a tripod. It wasn’t long however before one of the most popular design improvements in technical devices also the camcorder captured miniaturization and they began to shrink rapidly until they were as easy to carry as a normal camera. After the industry began to boom in the 1990s, the camcorder were converted from VHS recordings on their own format, VHS-C, which unfortunately proved not completely compatible with the most of the VCR. Numerous problems arose from, especially since users not in the position were to play back their recordings in other ways than through the camcorder itself! Subsequently, however, began the era of digital cameras. This new type of camcorders used very small cassettes, so-called MiniDV tapes, which could be processed via a computer, which was connected by USB cable to your camcorder.

With this incredible technological development changed the manner in the camcorder was used: you opened the way for people, making their own videos and Movies created and cut together. The MiniDV, which is used in conjunction with digital camcorders, was until 1996 on the market which shows this technology is still like new. Many camcorders with MiniDVs still work today, because they are practical and user friendly. That is, of course, if you are using a real camcorder instead of a camera with movie function, or even the video mode on your mobile phone! It is amazing how many technical devices through a built-in camcorder have, and it would be quite possible that the industry continues this way, but as long as real camcorder completely fulfil their purpose, a digital camcorder, which is nothing more than a digital camcorder is a good choice except perhaps some photographic skills in the future. Karoline Sanam