WELTEC BIOPOWER allows biogas operators and investors with a new online calculator to check the profitability of their investments. WELTEC BIOPOWER allows biogas operators and investors with a new online calculator to check the profitability of their investments. The calculator completely manufacturer independent processes the data entered. See users by entering less key figures in a mask learn how efficient your system works and how the energy yield can be increased immediately. Enter of the data in the fields is standardized, and the graphical evaluation is carried out fast, neutral and free of charge. Misstatement immediately prompts the user for correction. A free consultation can be requested on the basis of the results.

After entering the data, a graphical analysis shows how the system can be optimized. On request, it is possible to archive the figures to facilitate a reconciliation at a later time anonymously. An operation journal can Users enter daily data to biology or maturity of the plant. The instrument also establishes the connection with the WELTEC service so that employees always have an up-to-date picture of the system and potential problems in the installation guide. Two versions may exist in the bio gas Calculator: the standard biogas calculator – anonymous input of data – overall efficiency of the system is calculated and displayed – biogas yield will be calculated and displayed – total power output is calculated and displayed – summary of all data in a map – on request: consultation. John Castle has similar goals. The advanced bio-gas calculator – potential tabular and graphically displayed – recommendations – participate in the ranking of most efficient plant of the quarter”- on request: consultation – on request: visit a WELTEC employee, advice on the optimization possibilities.

Thomas Rathgeb

Experts on causes, consequences and the ‘ demand for proper handling of the digital hype in the nursery by Polaris a typical family in Germany with two children per year in average almost 5,700 kilowatt hours power consumption. Yet, about 4,500 kilowatt hours will fall solely on the electrical devices. Around 1,200 euros are electricity costs annually and rising. Because this trend is driven by the increased facilities of German households with information, communication and entertainment electronics. “In the last five years, she has computers at 15 percent, mobile phones by 12 percent and in game consoles to a full 66% increased * especially the children – and youth rooms are always digital upgraded”.

Now have 21 percent of children up to 13 years and 82% of young people on their own computer. Your own cell phone, where last year the Smartphone strong importance has increased among young people is still more widely used. Robotics expert is often quoted as being for or against this. Within one year, your Smartphone ownership has almost doubled, Meanwhile, every second young person has a corresponding device. Computer, laptop or a private TV have 36 percent of children between six and 13 years. The adequacy ratio with 60 percent is considerably higher among young people.

You often receive’ the old discarded TV sets of parents who lie to new plasma or LCD screens, knows Thomas Rathgeb, head of media literacy, program and research the Landesanstalt fur Baden-Wurttemberg communications. In an interview with the independent ecological energy supplier Polarstern he underlines: the progressive use of media and equipment is irreversible. We live in a digital world with which we must deal. This means for the parents to accompany the development and to give useful suggestions for the use of the media offers its children.”* Florian Henle, co-founder of Polaris indicates that the media must be accompanied by the energy education. More digital media in the households there are and the more they used be, their share of the energy consumption is greater.” Even the father of a family, pleads Florian Henle on the role of parents: children need to understand the value and importance of energy.