Coalition Army

The third mission was to in defense of the captured bases and capture the flag the enemy team. Our unit was supposed to capture the enemy flag, but at first did not prevent the capture of our flag. Even before the mission became clear that the red truck just quietly get to our base, but this, in my opinion, and did not pay attention. And it did, from the very beginning of the third mission, the truck pulled to the base. I was also left to guard the flag, which I did the whole mission. Somewhere in the red for 10-15 minutes dislodged from our "Island" and there was a real threat to the flag. Several times, even the red crossing the river, but they did not stay long.

But our fighters approached the enemy flag has already come. Again the whistle again … not yet. Mission Four. On the field there is a portable radio-electronic station for satellite tracking of the Coalition Army. Necessary to deliver it to the base of Samawah. For the delivery of RECs accrued 30 points.

Just remain in effect already captured the base and flags. From the outset, the mission of my task was to command the defense of the flag. Me left 4 people, I have laid them on the flanks, and he ran back and forth, watching the movements of the Reds. Occasionally, small groups of red yet broke through to the river, for which the flag was, but the crossing, they could not. I tried to cover up the bare flanks and ran under fire from one flank to another. Well, probably not kill the commanders … At least I did not were never in the last mission. Although the shooting was a lot. According to the latest mission opponent could not capture the flag, but to discourage his base was not possible. That ended the game, were awarded the heroes, group photos made. The judges this time done their best to see everything. Honesty in the game, both teams have shown. There were, however, without embarrassment: in the midst of a drunken game player the red team, angered his absurd death, he rushed with his fists to hit his players, for which he received. I want to do "notes in the margins" for the judges – do not allow people in the influence of alcohol before the game. Alexander 'Wind' Ryabkov magazine 'Avtotema' Paintball. Vologda and Yaroslavl regional offices.