Protecting Homes

Protection of the apartment and doma. security systems have become part of our everyday life. Today's companies every day show us the latest developments in video surveillance and fire alarm systems. Now the market modern technology is ready to offer a lot of options to satisfy the needs of each customer. Videodomofon.Videodomofon are the most simple device security apartments, houses, villas.

For all variety of applications and design, the main purpose is to ensure entryphone opportunities not only to talk with the visitor before you open the door, but to see it the most promising means of monitoring the remote sites. GSM-alarm system is used for protection of territory and property from the use of cellular technology, and it is a weighty its advantages. The main GSM-alarm problem is determining whether the invasion-controlled territory, from fixing the date, time and place of violation and alert the owner about it on his cell phone. The principle of GSM-alarm is simple: protected area is equipped with all necessary sensors and control panel with the gsm module. The interaction of sensors and control panel is provided either by wire or over the air, triggering a sensors occurs when the intrusion into the territory. As a result, activated the gsm module, which sends alarm sms messages or calls to mobile phone makers and owners.

Video surveillance. Surveillance one of the simplest and most effective technical means of providing security apartments, houses and enables full control and monitoring. Installation of cctv will monitor in real time, who and how to behave in your home, apartment and you will be able to respond quickly to the situation. Clock archiving allows you to analyze past events and draw appropriate conclusions. The base configuration includes cctv standalone dvr, fixed camera and monitor (the monitor can be used instead of TV). Used to control the front panel device and a remote control. Our specialists are always ready to help you select the right security systems that best meet your needs, both in terms of safety and costs. To acquire reliable and modern security system you can always in our company 'TV warranty'.