World Financial Crisis

Modern global world economic crisis of 2008-2009, initially emerged in the U.S. banking system. One of the main causes of the crisis in the U.S. has become a universal activity of U.S. banks, ie combination credit and financial and investment functions in one bank. Another crisis of 1929-1933 showed the harmfulness of such a combination.

In the United States after the crisis had passed a special law prohibiting the combination of banking functions. Such combination makes the real capital and credit hostage adventurous financiers created to enrich the intemperate, the various financial "bubbles" with grandiose risk, as happened in the last crisis. K Unfortunately, American financiers have found ways to circumvent the law. Here he writes about well-known financier Charles Guyst – Financial Sciences Professor Manhattan College: "The weakening of the once strict rules created in result of deregulation, new financial environment has made possible the coexistence of banks and investment banks, which has since 1933 been banned. When they started to reap the benefits of deregulation, under one roof old ideas of risk management were discarded in the pursuit of maximum profit. " But the opinion of the Russian specialist Boris Borisov – an expert on financial, exchange and banking sector, rightly considered universal banks – universal evil: "In today's economy is actually co-exist not two but three main interlinked sectors – real, fiscal, and a virtual representation of a marketplace of derivatives, futures, forwards bets on indexes and other tools As you know, the so-called leverage in this virtual sector requires almost no physical delivery of monetary resources, which makes it swell – and with him and no one controlled growth risks – virtually uncontrolled and extremely dangerous for the entire financial system.