Meaningful Supplements

What supplements are useful and why the German society for nutrition advocates necessarily taking additional vitamins, minerals and similar preparations in the form of a dietary supplement. Which sport he does, should watch depending on each athlete taking an excellent compound nutrition. However, individual recommendations for the daily need for nutrients apply here according to physical activity. Energy, carbohydrate and protein concentrates should be dosed according to type of fitness and athletic performance, as well as micro-nutrient supplements and performance promoting medium. This means that athletes have a need for other than endurance athlete or bodybuilder. New and high quality resources are designed to performance support. To accelerate the transport of oxygen at the cellular level, for example, there is the new product of F & F-Sauerstoff. It is suitable for athletes but also for mentally working people.

The funds supported Performance of the brain and the muscle endurance, because there is a lack of oxygen, contrary to and contributes to an increase in performance. Just for athletes, it is very important to eat balanced. At the present time, the food are however increasingly inferior and can no longer satisfy the demand for the necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements. With a high-quality nutritional supplements, but every athlete has a real chance at a healthy, active body. Taking a well balanced nutritional supplement can positively affect metabolism and all regulatory mechanisms in the body. As a variety can be produced by trace elements, but also amino acids not of the body alone or only partly by himself, every athlete with a nutritional supplement should take them. This includes for example the amino acid arginine.

It is produced by the body, but for an active athlete, unfortunately not in the necessary amount. Therefore may there be also a supply of lack of. But not only for athletes, there is a risk of a lack of supply of arginine.