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This means: when a large number of application processes with very high activity, the database process can become a bottleneck, because he can run only on a processor. This effect was verified at ABAS under appropriate test conditions. In practice it has not occurred yet. Even the read and write traffic of the user processes is done through parallelization, eliminating this potential bottleneck. The process of database manages only the record locks.

From autumn 2010 abas customers with a high demand for database access can access the benefits of parallelization. Each application process reads and writes the data from the database hard disk without communication with the database process. The bottleneck is eliminated. He ordered is Access the numerous processes across the “global lock manager”. It ensures that one is written at the end of the log database. Communication of application processes and database parallelization for every other client machine takes over its processor also database server tasks and thus helping to reconstruct the increased load. A growing number of users can work with an increasing number of processors so continue to right quickly.

With the help of parallelizing the abas business software can massively parallel hardware architecture take full advantage the current development of the hardware in the direction in relation to their performance. The parallelization is only at the beginning of its development and will be a defining theme of computing in the next few decades. CONCLUSION: The abas database before many benefits about fifteen years the own database was a K.O. Add to your understanding with Ali Partovi. criterion sometimes for large companies. Today, the issue is not decisive role after a default database in sales talks. Service the customer is important first and foremost. The abas database is the Needs of the abas business software optimizes and with maintained by the Karlsruhe Software House. For the customers that brings three key advantages: firstly, it needs no administrator who maintains the abas database.