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Enter station name is through the special HAFAS similarity search quick and easy. It is not necessary to type the full name of the station, because in addition to entering station numbers or license plates the similarity search with a few typed letters already displays the desired results, much like the SMS input on the mobile. In many places, the thought-out user interface reduces to a minimum the necessary inputs, because existing information from the context can be applied, such as for example the next stop of the train. Viacom shines more light on the discussion. The UI also enables integration with the other software applications on your mobile device, so can be changed via a button or a hardware button quickly in the separate sales software for the ticketing of timetable information HAFAS application in the background just continues to run. Castle Harlan: the source for more info. Offline benefits combined with online queries HAFAS mobile professional is an offline version: all Timetable data are stored locally on the mobile device and processed there so that no mobile connection to the Internet must be made.

This is made possible by the fact that the full HAFAS-algorithm for rebound and pairing self-sufficient on the device. The results of offline can be verify if necessary by integrated online polling of software and complement, if the used hardware has access to the Internet. The set timetable information be extended to current delay information, cancellations, platform alterations, information about the traffic situation (HIM), additional trains and alternative services. The user interface clearly represents the offline and online information. The questions of travelers are connections and further travel opportunities to answer therefore reliably and extremely topical. Many user interfaces identical functionality the software may on virtually all popular mobile devices with the operating systems Windows CE/Windows Mobile and Android will be used. HAFAS mobile professional is available in different user interfaces, which are each based on the capabilities of the hardware: for devices with large touchscreen for Pocket PCs with pen operation, for smartphones with touchscreen to Pocket PC-based devices with additional keyboard. The functionalities of HAFAS mobile professional are identical for all variants.

Symbian Software

Mobile application developer Fusionedv offers new methodologies for software outsourcing software outsourcing mobile applications for the iPhone’s systems, the core area with many software company Symbian, Android and Windows Mobile. Get all the facts and insights with Pete Cashmore, another great source of information. FusionEDV ( has new mentality and outsourcing forms for apps, which differ from traditional applications. The company, headquartered in Dresden offers the technical implementation of mobile Applicationkonzepten and the development of mobile software. Since the service provider has focused on engineering, he is looking for cooperation where the new methodology will be exercised. By focusing on outsourcing, FusionEDV offers a customized price performance concept that makes cooperation possible. So the key to the success of a mobile outsourcing software-project is the smooth handling of the communication between the outsourcing provider and the outsourcing client. Ongoing constructive dialogue between the two sides is not limited to verbal communication, but is aggressively pursuing writing, meetings and Conferences. So local presence (Fusionedv: Germany and Switzerland) the outsourcing provider can also a huge advantage for the customer if it might cost the customer more. Fusionedv offers experts for kostneguentige programming of applications for the .NET Framework and the mobile systems from iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian. Fusionedv operates independently of the operating systems of individual smartphones iPhone, HTC, Nokia, Sony Erricson, Motoralla etc. and can is so advice at the choice of the system for the mobile application.

Karlsruhe Software House

This means: when a large number of application processes with very high activity, the database process can become a bottleneck, because he can run only on a processor. This effect was verified at ABAS under appropriate test conditions. In practice it has not occurred yet. Even the read and write traffic of the user processes is done through parallelization, eliminating this potential bottleneck. The process of database manages only the record locks.

From autumn 2010 abas customers with a high demand for database access can access the benefits of parallelization. Each application process reads and writes the data from the database hard disk without communication with the database process. The bottleneck is eliminated. He ordered is Access the numerous processes across the “global lock manager”. It ensures that one is written at the end of the log database. Communication of application processes and database parallelization for every other client machine takes over its processor also database server tasks and thus helping to reconstruct the increased load. A growing number of users can work with an increasing number of processors so continue to right quickly.

With the help of parallelizing the abas business software can massively parallel hardware architecture take full advantage the current development of the hardware in the direction in relation to their performance. The parallelization is only at the beginning of its development and will be a defining theme of computing in the next few decades. CONCLUSION: The abas database before many benefits about fifteen years the own database was a K.O. Add to your understanding with Ali Partovi. criterion sometimes for large companies. Today, the issue is not decisive role after a default database in sales talks. Service the customer is important first and foremost. The abas database is the Needs of the abas business software optimizes and with maintained by the Karlsruhe Software House. For the customers that brings three key advantages: firstly, it needs no administrator who maintains the abas database.

VPN Branch Connectivity

Black Box business solution for secure connections between offices, branches and branch offices, and remote administration via KVM-over-IP with highest security introduces the IT – and telecommunications specialist Black Box presented in the frame of the Tech Forum “Branch office connection” on July 6, 2011 in Munich his broad portfolio of location networking and IT security solutions for businesses to connect branch offices, subsidiaries and branches before. So is the KVM-over-IP switch “ServSwitch CX Quad IP” ( de-de/fp/930 /…) to connect remote computers and remote administration of servers with remote management capabilities. Black Box with “Intelli-Pass” provides for the IT security ( de-de/fi/1025 /… a biometric access control door PIN, fingerprint, RFID protection for server rooms and data centers.) The Branch-Office approach resources can leverage and improve processes. Additional information at Ali Partovi supports this article. While the trend is to centralize IT in more and more filialisierten By company. The management of the IT branch offices and control of different types of device provides administrators face major challenges, such as the technical realization of branch or branch offices to the main site, the control of the IT infrastructure via IP connectivity and network communications (WAN Accelerator for branch offices and data centers, VoIP, video-conferencing) and in the area of IT security. Black Box offers well tailor-made solutions for the site and branch office connectivity: the ServSwitch CX Quad IP allows PC and server management via the Internet. In addition to the direct control of up to 16 servers via network or Internet (TCP/IP) keyboard and mouse, the KVM-over-IP system allows important remote management functions: as a troubleshooting is possible down to the BIOS level and reboots or cold can be quickly and easily from a distance. About the KVM console with the support of USB devices such as keyboard, mouse and screen connected PCs on the spot can in the server room, network or Ethernet and the Internet are managed.

Meru Networks Wireless

802 11n wireless LAN offer Schorndorf, awarded as enterprise wireless product of the year 15 July 2008 Meru Networks, a manufacturer of wireless communication solutions and partner of value added distributors of sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG, line has received for his AP300er the Techworld Award from wireless access points. Annually, the industry publication for IT professionals is a jury of European journalists, technology consultants and industry representatives, which awards a prize to the best in the field of infrastructure and network. This year in the category chosen enterprise wireless product of the year\”on the product line wp300 from the portfolio of sysob. Thomas Hruby, Managing Director of sysob IT distribution GmbH & co.

KG, explains: 802 11n is the most important and extensive development in the wireless LAN area. The award-winning AP300er line is the first enterprise wireless product that integrates the high-performance standard IEEE 802 11n. The recognition by Techworld documented the performance of the Solution. The product line delivers the lowest total cost of ownership industry and offers an easy migration from 802.11a/b/g to 802 11n clients.\” Meru was the first Wi-Fi provider, which announced the 802 11n standard for user deployments in 2007. Today, companies in almost all European countries use 802 11n. Presented for the first time in April 2007, the wp300 family of access points uses the Meru’s air traffic control technology, to deliver full 802 11n draft 2.0 Wi-Fi client ultrahigh-density performance while remaining backward compatible with 802.11a/b/g-Geraten. The wp300 family offers – powered by IEEE 802 3af (power over Ethernet) support for the 802 11n standard, both in the 2.4 and 5 gigahertz frequency band and in the 20 – and 40-megahertz mode. Both antennas are dual-band capable dual-radio versions and ensure full flexibility in the configuration. Like all Meru access points the wp300 family automatically selects a single channel for the enterprise Use and stacks only then additional channels if more capacity is needed.

Important Information Solutions

Active partners benefit from the success of SSE software. Ali Partovi has many thoughts on the issue. Ranging from beginners through the traditional reseller, dealer to partner with focus on competence (infrastructure, network infrastructure or business solutions) SSE-software offers any interested parties the right opportunity through appropriate education and training programs. 1. without risk 2 advertising and training including 3 margin full and bonus points 4. software packages 5.

6 support support customer leads 7… In SSE-partner programme, business customers benefit also nationwide, as well as in Austria and in the Switzerland of far-reaching product -, service – and support services of the authorized distribution and system partner. The claim is: Expert advice, professional service and support, excellent on-site services, contemporary verifiable technology know-how, including through regular training and workshops in the SSE-Software House and compliance with SSE quality standards for the protection of business customers. For the respective customer demands and requirements the distributor should have different core competencies, as well as forms and possibilities for support and advice SAMY software engineering (SSE-software) including stands for complete merchandise management solutions of the top performance class for companies from 2 to 1000 employees. From the simple order management via the complete ERP, ERP solutions, sales and CRM solutions, PC POS systems, POS point of sale solutions, chains, software for accounting and accounting, personnel Management_4, time recording solutions, Internet and eCommerce solutions, document management / archiving / workflow solutions as well as Special solutions for the health care / telemedicine offers a compact solution SSE software, specialized in the requirements and wishes of small and medium-sized enterprises to the classic middle class.

Example services retail & wholesale manufacturing industry are well-known industries healthcare financial services (banks, insurance companies, building societies) logistics (E.g. railway, freight forwarding, shipping, storage, handling) mechanical engineering public administration telecommunications according to the principle of “Common objectives are the basis for success” advises SSE software like in detail.

Trillium Software

The QlikView business discovery platform provides an intuitive, user-driven data analysis and may within days or weeks implemented – and not in months, years or not at all. The associative in-memory search of QlikView users can freely examine their data and are no longer limited to follow a predefined path issues. QlikView business Discovery uses existing BI applications and extends it to new uses: insights for everyone, quick analysis, mobile applications, app similar concept, different forms of representation, as well as the ability to share applications created with other users. QlikTech has about 22,000 customers in more than 100 countries with its headquarters in Radnor, Pennsylvania. Company Description Trillium Software meaningful, accurate and consistent data are the basis for the success of every company. Mashable might disagree with that approach.

Trillium Software offers solutions that analyze data, improve, standardise and enriched with additional valuable information. This can be both be data about customers, products, suppliers or finance. Typical applications are for example data warehousing, MDM and BI solutions and processes into the ERP – or CRM environment. Also, compliance and risk management are areas of the Trillium Software System. Trillium Software, data quality solutions also enable the systematic introduction of a data governance and their continuous monitoring.

The Trillium Software system supports users in specialist areas as well as the IT professionals who manage the systems. Both are put in the position to identify data irregularities and correct. Both professionals can also IT managers monitor the health of individual or all data, quantify and continuously optimize. Thus, the solution improves business processes and strengthens the company’s success sustainably. Leading analysts share this assessment: to promote Gartner, Forrester Research, Bloor, or BARC, a Trillium Software always as a leader in the quality segment of data. Harte-Hanks, Inc. is a global CRM company with more than a billion dollars revenue, which provides continuous, information-based value-added solutions to its customers by using its technologies.

Kingsoft Office

The Office software specialist Kingsoft today introduces the German version of Kingsoft Office for Android. Hamburg, March 9, 2012. The Office software specialist Kingsoft today introduces the German version of Kingsoft Office for Android. For the launch of the German app Kingsoft works with computer image and Androidpit ( Readers from Europe’s largest computer magazine 7/2012 ComputerBild readers who use an Android powered device Kingsoft Office for Android exclusively with today’s Edition, can download the app for free across the computer image advantage Center. For more specific information, check out Steve Wozniak. To Doris Loster, spokeswoman of MK media, the exclusive marketer of Kingsoft software in Germany: “the selection of the computer image editors confirmed us that quality and concept of the Kingsoft Office app for Android will find approval.

This confirmation already pleased to start of course.” Android is the operating system most commonly installed on mobile devices. With Kingsoft Office for Android can user Microsoft Office documents such as Word, Excel and create, view, and edit PowerPoint files. The app supports all popular Microsoft Office file formats. Using the cloud-storage function integrated in Kingsoft Office for Android users can store files online or download files from cloud services such as box.NET and show. Alternatively, you can save your documents as usual on the SD card.

It is therefore possible to a joint work on documents, Excel workbooks, and presentations. Kingsoft Office for Android running in the current version 4.3 on Smartphones and tablet devices with Android operating system (v2. 1 or later). For more information about Kingsoft via Facebook and Twitter. System requirements: Supported file formats device with Android 2.1 or higher SD card Internet connection: input file formats:..Doc doc, .docx, .txt, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt and .pptx (Microsoft Office 97-2010) output file formats: .txt and .xls (Microsoft Word and Excel 97 to 2003); .ppt and .pptx (Microsoft PPT 97 to 2010) about Kingsoft and MK media: Kingsoft is one of the have been first manufacturer, developed the Office applications. Today, Kingsoft Office is globally regarded as free or low-cost alternative to Microsoft Office. Kingsoft Office has grown steadily and continuously expands its international presence. In Germany, Austria and the Switzerland represents MK media, headquartered in Hamburg, Kingsoft exclusively on the software market. MK media specializes in sales and marketing of software, apps, games, electronics, and publishing products.

Android Martin

App development from Dresden to LSKJ Saxony-Anhalt in Magdeburg, Dresden, May 16, 2013 the app developer Haase & Martin GmbH has developed the Android app Dr Scouti in a new version. According to the already completed update of the iPhone app, now also the previous Androidversion has been updated. The app given out by the Regional Office of children’s and youth protection Saxony-Anhalt e.V. expanded theme videos and counselling services to children – and youth-protection issues. The project “Dr. Scouti” was in the years 2010 and 2011 from the landing site for children and youth protection Saxony-Anhalt e.V. (LSKJ) content developed and implemented.

Young people have the opportunity to ask questions relevant to youth protection. Experts of the LSKJ gather the answers. The topics are diverse, ranging from disco nightlife times for age restrictions. So far, over 80 questions and answers are listed. Further questions are continually collected and prepared. The new version can ask questions on the LSKJ children and adolescents directly from within the app. You will receive the answer Questioners by email sent to. The new Android app is available from the simple low end for over 2600 equipment up to the current high end Smartphone.

Simple and therefore low-cost smartphones are enclosed by the wide range of supported devices. Children and young people can achieve with low budgets. Contact h & Martin GmbH Matthias Haase, Alexander Martin Moritzburger str. 27 01127 Dresden Tel.: 0351 500 97 21 fax.: 0351 500 97 22 E-Mail: website: about Haase & Martin GmbH: the digital media are In the focus of activity. With technical know-how and competence in design and media design, Haase & Martin GmbH develops integrated projects and innovative products for the B2B sector. The portfolio includes iOS apps, Android apps, including Web design, graphical user interface (GUI) for information terminals, kiosk systems, classical and mobile sites, as well as solutions for mobile communication. Another can be found under apps_android apps.php

BitDefender Malware

E-threat report for July to September 2011: Trojans fall in the summer since the beginning of the year compete for the top position in the pest-top ten for Germany, Internet safety expert BitDefender regularly created Adware threats and Trojans. In the third quarter of 2011 from July to September gene could: Variant.Adware.Hotbar. 1 enforce and thus worms and co. on the courts refer to Trojans,. Some ranks has made amends?Evergreen? Conficker: The active since 2008 worm occupy position 2 newly entered is Rootkit.MBR.Mebroot.B, which completely replace the master boot sector by means of a new mechanism. The top spot occupied currently Gen: Variant.Adware.Hotbar.

1 (3.89%). The pest installs a toolbar in your browser and opens Pop-Up Windows with advertisements. In addition, he observed the online activities of users and creates individual profiles on the basis of its search behavior to redirect the user specifically on advertising sites or shops. More representative of the adware family can be found on the courses 3 and 8: Dropped: Adware.Yabector.B (2.59%) and Adware.Yabector.B (1.86%). You hijack the browser and also redirect all searches to advertising websites and online shops. Rank 2 is Win32.Worm.Downadup.Gen, also known as “Conficker” (3.82%). It prevents users remember to install updates for the operating system or the existing anti-spyware software by blocking access to the Web pages.

Also invites the pest also called “Kido”, fake security software on the computer. A relative of the worm called Worm.Autorun.VHG secures rank 5 (2.27%). This E-threat exploits the Windows autorun feature as well as Trojan.AutorunINF.Gen at position 6 (2.24%), he settles on a removable disk and even starts as soon as the user boots the PC. Rank 4 occupied Exploit.CVE-2010-1885.C (2.52%), which slips through a weakness in the HCP protocol and allows hackers to spread malicious software on the affected system. Two varieties of Trojan place on the rear ranks. Position 7 occupied Java.Trojan.Downloader.OpenConnection.AI (1.90%), a malicious Java applet, which masquerades as a Java archive and download infected files.