, How much lesser it will be that efficiency or the more anomalous it will be the vibratory cycle, inversely bigger it will be the glottic noise resulting low a relation of PHR. A considered voice healthful as it detached the present study how much the PHR improvements must thus, to characterize itself for a raised PHR, the one that if the impression of sonorous and harmonic voice associates. Already one low PHR possibly denotes a disfonica voice, therefore according to Behlau et al (2001) apud Behlau (2001), exists one another measure of noise as the energy of glottic noise, a variant its, is pointed by Behlau et al (2001) apud Behlau (2001), as more indicated with respect to disfnicas voices. Thus, exactly that the study it has not been more deep, counting on application of questionnaire for comment of the profile of the searched patients, or the type of feeding ingested before the test, point to be developed in a future work, the mere register of the voices, had as normal by means of the auditory verification of the researcher, detached the positive change in the fonatrio process, having more good harmony with the ingestion of the apple. The data collected when expressing that 22 participant women, had demonstrated that the apple with its functions astringents had improved as in table 02 where express the improvement results demonstrating that 78.6% had gotten improvement in the ratio indices harmonic-noise of its voices, had detached what Gilman, Hardman and Limbird (2006), such which Behlau and Pontes (1999) had affirmed, that it is its capacity to increase the saliva and to help in the biggest efficiency of the fonao process, for making with that the air of the pulmes vibrates more of form integrates in the vocal folds. The establishment of standards of base of PHR with use and ingestion of the mace as therapeutical procedure serve to guide the fonoaudilogo in relation to the voices with the improvement of the noise, beyond the different forms of evaluation auditorily enter the considered voices normal and that these measures that can be gotten by different softwares, verifying that has great variability in considered voices normal, possibly this fact if must to the great one number of individual differences, a time that the voice is a personal characteristic, not existing perfectly equal to another one, as the author explained following that comment of the voice for intermediary of the hearing of the researcher, therefore that is a procedure admitted for Behlau et al (2001) apud Behlau (2001) since according to this the difficult normal voice of being defined, therefore its variation is limitless and the archetypes for the vocal adequacy are ample. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Ali Partovi.