Southeast System

Irineu Joffily. Sets of ten of break-kilos, had as heads or participants of mazorca, had been imprisoned and judgeships, others migraram for the Amaznia, where the extration of the rubber guarantee work and the Southeast attracted by the wealth that the coffee production generated. Many choose cangao, thickening the bandos that stop surviving assaulted and stole for the northeast interior. Credit: Zendesk-2011. Others search consolation in the religion, and the northeast if it fulls of devout and fanatic, of which Advising Antonio is the known example more. Learn more at this site: Castle Harlan. Finally, another parcel of this population continues if to submit and if to conform, in a dramatical routine of misery and hunger, that if repeats until today. CONCLUSION As already was said, the adoption of the metric system decimal, since 1872, came to substitute the enormous variety of standards of weights and used measures to many generations. The new system was not bad.

However, its adoption in Brazil happened at a moment improper, because of the social economic crisis. Moreover, the population duly was not clarified for change of the old system, which was accustomed the century. In such a way, it rejected the newness violently. The people did not understand the new measures and therefore they were not capable to confer the amounts and the prices. Thus, the new metric system was white of many critical ones, some total unfounded ones. The destruction of the standards of weights and measured by the rebels symbolized an opposition to the government.

The name break-kilos, even so disclosed only one aspect of the movement, was important and characteristic symbol of this revolt. The movement of the break-kilos discloses a society that believed the collective revolts. It also shows the belief of the rebels of whom all the northeasterns, rich or poor, if had joined to save its region. This did not happen and the repression to the movement was sufficiently cruel. To remember the history of the break-kilos is to reviver the day where the matutos had fought against the bacharis and had destroyed symbols of its oppression.

Europe Technology

Thus, the image was kept together in all its parts, and the presence of thin hair became imperceptible when the cotton swab soaked in pigment, nestled on the decorated fabrics. In Europe, the Middle Ages observed distribution of this printing method, more developed in the late sixteenth century. Extension of the method occurred mainly in Great Britain and France, where about in 1750 Jeanne began releasing Papillon wallpaper method named P ochoi r.V the eighteenth century, this art is distributed in almost all countries around the world and especially in America, where by this method, decorated furniture, walls, fabric and metal products. A big step forward came in 1907 when a Simon of Manchester, has patented the process of screen printing over silk fabric rubber squeegee, a called silk screen printing (English = printing silk). From this and takes its name screenprint. Silk screen printing technology – a system of technologies that allow to apply paint or a paste of considerable thickness on the set substrates of different nature and theoretically unlimited size. Screen printing – it's not one technology but a set of several of the technologies: technologies tension forming frames, select the most suitable technology sieve tissue emulsification of printed forms, the use of many printing options, choose colors, special drying method and plenty of screen printing drugogo.V impression is produced by pushing ink through selectively mesh printed form (the figure increased 100 times) to paper or other materials. Screen printing machines have been used for printing posters, the cover, highly reproductions, embossed images with a thickness of paint layer 15-100 microns. .

ONGs Peoples

The peoples brought for Brazil are originary of the regions of Africa Occidental person, Central Africa and the Southeast of Africa Occidental person. These peoples had brought obtain its customs, beliefs, dances, ritimos, musical instruments, culinria and religion. Exactly dispersed in Brazilian territory and for times mixed for not showing, part materam its culture original in intention to conserve its identity of dominated group. An example of quilombo that it existed in Brazil of which more celebrates was the Quilombo of the Palmares commanded for Buzzed of the Palmares. In Brazil the name quilombo was applied the clandestine habitations of slaves who ran away for the interior of the bushes in some wild and distant places from the populations. Not rare such habitations formed numerous agglomerations, sobressaindo in the History of famous Brazil the Quilombos. (MOURA, 1966, P.

2149) Some forms of conservation had conserved a certain identity of the African roots. It is the case of the religions and some called languages afro-Brazilians as candombl, Nag, Angola the Congo, Jeje- mines, diverse rites that if stipulated to call ' ' Naes' ' , as its ethnic origins in Africa, had adopted saints black Catholics as They are Benedict, Efigenia Saint and Ours Lady of the Rosary for representation of its belief. Dances as Jongo, Afoxes, the Row; fights as Capoeira, with its we ritimos corporal musical comedies and, its instruments as the Berimbau, Agog, Atabaque and Marimbas. Its origins are aspects of a history cultural to be preserved and known by the gift. 6 METHODOLOGY This research initiated in books, dictionaries, sources of the Internet, through research with people, ONGs, research in magazines, a visit to a place of fetichism to get plus formations on the peoples come to Brazil. It was very important for the base of the project. After that we carry through an interview with an Angolan where we can even though observe its historical vision of between Brazil and Africa and the challenges that the blacks had faced and that still they face in full Africa in sc.

Rio De Janeiro Carnival

We live in a world whose rules are clear, only we we run away they. It will be that in deep a nature it is the devil of the other? The not-believer state is the natural state of the Man. The belief is not born with people, is infused in them by third. The religion has if busy of the task to move away to the Man from its natural state land so that in it prevails its divine nature. It is of if waiting that after almost two millenia of repression the terrena nature it searched in not-religious an aid its existence. The curious one in this history is to see or, at least, to have the impression of that one of the natures can be used to advantage in some way of the other.

Today, a strange child when an aged one says that in the time of it did not have television. The technology is gone incorporating the life in such way that in we do not give account to them of its effect in our thought. This is so strong that the religion if saw constrangida to participate of the choir in defense of the planet. Something impensvel has fifty years. Before it seemed that God wanted that we destroyed the world. He will be that God moved of opinion? According to old gnsticos, the creator of the Man is not the same creative of the universe; if he is that some exists.

Without entering in the merit of the related conception, it he seems to make some direction. Certain time, I heard a citizen to say that the Man is the cancer of the universe. I am unaware of the reason of this so strong affirmation that it was echoing in my mind. However, with passing of the time and the questions that if had been presented in function of the subject, I see that this affirmation persists with its aspect steals color, if justifying and acol here. ' ' Ateu' ' it is a term that privileges the arguable religious conceptions and was invented to separate and some does not stop joining thing. Ideologically it separates the certainties of the wrong ones. As much that individual that is not worried, how much what occupies in denying the arguments on the existence of God, are considered indistinctly atheistic. Some full ones of pose if say penalizados of the atheists. It will be that the not-belief compromises the power of God or the power of who? As the advance of the technology in the medias it is changing the way to think about the world, is good for recognizing it in frigir of eggs. For more flat than either atesmo in the Internet and for more distinguished than they are these manifestations, must be faced as forms of expression in a irreversible process that is in course. Here in Rio De Janeiro Carnival already is running over the Christmas in the television. pa This is remembering some thing to me: It looks at the Greeks, geeente there!