Video Technicians

Proper care of your tv. Modern tv refers to durable goods, of course, if you properly care for them. In order for the tv you really served for many years necessary to observe a few simple rules:-If you leave the house for a few days completely unplug the tv from the network. -If the rain from the storm – turn off the tv from the wall outlet and disconnect the antenna, as modern TVs are very sensitive to electromagnetic pulses and lightning can damage them. -Do not block the airflow to the ventilation holes in the tv – it will lead to overheating and tv output its failure. -Do not place the tv so that would be at its picture tube exposed to direct sunlight. Remote Control is very sensitive to shocks – be careful with them.

It is also not recommended to repeatedly enable-disable the tv remote control or power switch. -If a tv does not let children play with remote control, since, randomly pressing buttons may redefine the tv in service mode and reprogramming of the processor memory. TV-fire should be cleaned at least once in 2-3 years. You can try to clean up television themselves. To do this, use a vacuum cleaner and a brush-type masking, but video technician will do it better and safer. -When connecting cords to the video completely turn off the tv and the device that you want to connect (DVD, cable decoder, a computer). -Set the tv so as to prevent its fall, especially if you have small children.


Little microwaves come into our kitchen life, despite the rather insecure operating principle – the microwave radiation is not a joke. When selecting such a device you need to decide: but why is it us? In his turn to answer this question needs a little work to understand how such a device. Microwave radiation causes the often fluctuate the water contained in the products, thus warming it. The product is actually brewed. Because warm toast in the microwave will not work. As well as chicken with a crispy crust.

However: Microwaves are: – normal, providing heating and cooking products. Sense of such a device a bit: defrost foods to cook something unpretentious, warm up before cooking. – With grill – built-in heating element, including in order to get the most crisp. – With grill and convection – optional built-in heating element and fan. This ensures even distribution of heat from the grill in the chamber. In such a furnace is already possible to make a cake. Such furnaces generally have a large size, power consumption and price. Themselves grills may have tubular electric heating elements (TEN) or quartz.

The latter takes up less space, the camera is better than warm, but it is expensive. Furnace control is mechanically or electronically. Preferable to the latter, because mechanical controls tend to become clogged. And the more complex the furnace itself, the more difficult and its management. Because check Russian documentation included – without it often does not understand. Also pay attention to the inner coating chamber. The fact is, microwave, oddly enough, has yet to be washed. The process is not very pleasant. There is a bioceramic internal coating, dissolving fats. However, it is enough brittle. Generally the price for this type of technique is highly dependent on the manufacturer and the current availability of his advertising company. So it is worth taking just a microwave that firm, which is more or less known, but in this moment of it can not hear anything.