Video Technicians

Proper care of your tv. Modern tv refers to durable goods, of course, if you properly care for them. In order for the tv you really served for many years necessary to observe a few simple rules:-If you leave the house for a few days completely unplug the tv from the network. -If the rain from the storm – turn off the tv from the wall outlet and disconnect the antenna, as modern TVs are very sensitive to electromagnetic pulses and lightning can damage them. -Do not block the airflow to the ventilation holes in the tv – it will lead to overheating and tv output its failure. -Do not place the tv so that would be at its picture tube exposed to direct sunlight. Remote Control is very sensitive to shocks – be careful with them.

It is also not recommended to repeatedly enable-disable the tv remote control or power switch. -If a tv does not let children play with remote control, since, randomly pressing buttons may redefine the tv in service mode and reprogramming of the processor memory. TV-fire should be cleaned at least once in 2-3 years. You can try to clean up television themselves. To do this, use a vacuum cleaner and a brush-type masking, but video technician will do it better and safer. -When connecting cords to the video completely turn off the tv and the device that you want to connect (DVD, cable decoder, a computer). -Set the tv so as to prevent its fall, especially if you have small children.