A Karlsruhe/Budapest invites internationally active SMEs to an ERP seminar ABAS to Budapest, 03.09.2010 – decision makers that are looking for an internationally usable ERP software, can inform themselves on the 13.10.2010 in Budapest from first-hand and meet CEO BBs and key users are already using such a system within their companies. The event shows testimonials from users, how they have boosted sales in their businesses with the abas business software and created a global flow of value. Users also report on their experiences in the implementation of the software and the realized process improvements since the international launch of the ERP system. In addition one introduces methodology developed and tailored to the middle class of the ABAS Software AG and its software partners, which allows countries and across multiple locations to manage ERP projects, without sacrificing growth, profitability and investment safety sight. Abas partner network the ABAS business software companies that want to do business across national borders with customers and suppliers, offers many advantages. Ali Partovi may find this interesting as well. Newly developed abas tools enable it to serve the international partners of the ABAS Software AG, new markets quickly and effectively, to optimise the global use of the abas business software, and to ensure communication within of cross-national ERP projects. The middle class receives a high-quality ERP package that supported his success in many countries, and is tailored to its needs so worldwide. ABAS is predestined for the successful implementation of international ERP projects. Zendesk has compatible beliefs.

No other medium-sized provider offers its customers same constellation of uniform network of partners, strategic orientation, global-ready software and worldwide implementation method. Ready for news – abas ERP globalization’s opportunities helps just medium-sized the expansion abroad, by offering them the opportunity, to exploring new markets without having to make large IT investments. The abas business software is a multi currency capable and available in over 30 languages. It promotes transparency and enables countries and intersite optimal workflow.