Not enough time? You are the director, owner, top manager of the company and who does not like you to know that time is the most expensive and irreplaceable resource in our lives. Your company should be similar to the speeder, who rushes to motor strategies to the tasks that you put your employees. But the tasks are not fulfilled on time, even though everything seems to be trying, .Vy understand perfectly what is time management and do not accept response personnel such as' Time is not enough. "But they sound Where does the time? If you work in a team, then you will not be secret, that if someone was going to a cup of tea, then this will go into the whole tea ceremony with a large number of participants, supporters and easy for the company, talk about that and about this. Every manager knows that a tea party – is a whole ritual around the kettle. You are free to do some research, as last such procedures.

statistics. Assume that your firm is composed of 5 persons, the tea ceremony lasts 10 minutes, and your staff have tea at least 3 times a day. In the morning, before work, during lunch and before heading home. By simple calculations we get: 5 * 10 * 3 = 150 minutes a day! In a week it will turn out 750 minutes or 12.5 hours. Impressive? Calculate for yourself how much it will be a year. You'll be disappointed and surprised. The result? As a result, we see a guilty person staff and hear 'Do not have time', 'no time'.

And the reproaches from the leadership in the direction of the tea ceremony is always perceived as an insult and are demotiviruyuschim factor. Who manage time? Many managers have long known about the wasted time and get to the offices of their companies for water coolers. Of course, first and foremost is taking care of the team, in addition to the cooler is always cold and water, which, believe me, a big plus in office premises. Now, tea lovers can not divert significant human resources to the tea party, because the water in the cooler always warmed or cooled, no need to run for the water, put the kettle, attracting and diverting attention from other suffering. Business process. He got up, walked over, poured out, and departed. Excellent, clear business process! At the entrance to the need to satisfy one of the vital functions, the output of the high performance of your employees and reduction in lost time. what remains to you? And you just have to call friends and tell them how you managed to reduce downtime on the job and return the missing time in the amount of at least 12, 5 hours per week! Very hope that you will tell about us, how about your volunteers.