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12speak! It is a young company that announces the official website 12speak.com after six months in beta and with more than two thousand users today, the website of 12speak!, is an innovative tool to transform language learning into something fun, personalized and very accessible. Users of 12speak.com are part of a circle of friends of native speakers to learn languages and that they share interests and interact with each other via messaging and games. From conversations with friends, users add words, with a simple right click, to your custom vocabulary. If you would like to know more then you should visit Robotics. The fun part of learning comes when users can practice all those words with different and lively online games, trying to beat the results. 12speak!, is a new way of understanding education, because it offers a fun closely linked with learning languages, and in an environment of new technologies and social network that facilitates communication between people with collective intelligence. Visit and try the experience! Contact:. Click Samsung to learn more.