NXEL GROVE Italian Francesco Capponi used as photographic machine empty shell of a posture of hen. Inside the egg, impregnated with photosensitive emulsion, is negative. The poultry hens looked at me with horror by the quantity of eggs that I broke. Before you get it you pringo much and many times, but at the end it came out with hers. The Italian Francesco Capponi (Perugia, 1976) built and successfully used a camera made with the empty shell of a chicken egg. Passionate about cameras is pinhole pinhole, which does not require the intervention of an optical system. Any black box with a hole (estenopo) is valid. Caponni had fabricated them with their hands in a chess piece, a figure origami paper, a top hat, a booth for birds, a piano and a tree.

This year was proposed to bring to completion an idea that haunted him since long ago: make a pinhole – egg. In a tale of adventure that has been published on the web Lomography recounts in detail the process and provides instructions to the curious… My trip to build a huevo-camara pinhole begins with the momentum of the idea: always felt the strong desire to do a special camera that had a single purpose: make solamentre a single picture. The idea is to sacrifice the camera in the creation process of the photo, the camera becomes the photo. The first step is to open in the shell of an egg a square hole about two inches square. The Italian photographer got it, after many failed attempts (the poultry hens I looked with terror by the quantity of eggs that I broke), with a rotating saw once dry inside, must be painted, in a completely dark place, with a photographic emulsion liquid, closed the gap with a piece of cardboard (in the middle of which is placed a metal plate pierced with a needle(, the estenopo which will enter the light). Ensures the piece with insulating tape, cover the egg with a black fabric and to shoot the photo!.

Capponi made a self-portrait in the first pinhole-egg. I went out to the garden and I placed against the egg, crouched, naked and motionless for about thirty seconds. Luckily, my neighbors I forgave and not denuciaron my behaviour to the COP, says. After returning to the dark room and remove the cover to the camera, it is necessary to fill the egg with fixative and photographic developer. The chemicals Act on emulsion and reveal the photo. The result is surprising: the inside of the egg has become the holder of a photo. The camera has ceased to be to become image. It’s all quite simple. The worst thing is handled with the fragility of the shell. To make four good photos I destroyed more than fifty eggs. You should have them photographed: the largest pinhole a tortilla from the times of Dadaism. Source of the news: the camera is an egg