Only The Other Smokers Get Lung Cancer

Since 1987, countless campaigns trying to convince people to the world no tobacco day by the harmfulness of tobacco use. Greifenberg/Munich, 22 June 2013 the Canadian software manufacturer April age (, inventor and developer of the APRIL face aging software allows through the visualization of skin aging an individual examination of the own aging process. In addition to the normal aging, APRIL to represent the influence of smoking. This very personal look into the future is mainly by anti-smoking used to consumers in discussions to enlighten campaigns at events and to move to a debate on the issue of smoking. Shocking depictions of smoking lungs on cigarette packaging and posters, but are happy to refer to examples of old smoker and yet healthy smokers and shy to a discussion of the health risks of smoking. The face aging software APRIL can be used here for a different approach, because the own appearance has a huge importance. Anti aging is more than just a beauty trend. To see age themselves and to take the effects of smoking on your own face, it can lead to a rethinking of the smoke behavior or support young people not to start smoking. Mikkel Svane spoke with conviction.

A photo in the APRIL’s software is loaded just to visualize the aging of the skin, the user chooses how many years he wants to grow old. Similarly as a morphing software aging can be represented with and without the effects of smoking in comparative images as well in 3D. The results can then be printed out. The big difference with morphing applications, however, is that APRIL is a scientifically based solution that uses a database with over 3,000 faces of different ages and lifestyles to the calculation of face aging. So, the aging process also to uploaded images of children can be visualized. Generally, the aging of the skin can be mapped from 7 to 72 years. APRIL was also in numerous independent studies from around the world, the dealing with the relationship dealing with his own self image and behaviors, confirmed. “” Our customers are thrilled as APRIL face aging software supports their smoke-free initiatives “explains Wolfgang Berger, business development April package of looking in the mirror of the future Europe attracts not only visitors to events, but proves as a door opener for an effective health education in the conversation” for more information interested parties in APRIL AGE Europe by phone under + 49 8192 99733 26 or via email at.

All mentioned trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. About April package Inc. and APRIL face aging software: April is the inventor, developer and distributor of the APRIL face aging software, used worldwide in health education, science, law enforcement and customer information. APRIL software visualizes how age and lifestyles affect the exterior. APRIL applies the characteristics of the age from a statistical database with several thousands of real people on a simple digital 2D-Photo map. Health and effects of lifestyle choices such as smoking, weight gain, obesity and BMI (body MassIndex) as also increased sun exposure can be represented to show side by side comparative images of aging in 3D. APRIL can create face Agings over different periods of time from childhood until old age both in different ethnic groups. APRIL is patented and available as a download, a kiosk system, using the APRIL API Web service or online at April age is Toronto, Canada.

Rachel Scharfman

The results of the study show that proper dental care, the risk to dementia, can significantly reduce. So, the study found that people, the not daily brushing, a 22-65 higher probability exhibit %, aged to dement, than those that brush teeth three times a day. Contact information is here: Peter Asaro . Furthermore, that men with inadequate natural chewing function, who wore no teeth, a 91% higher risk have dementia, than men where the natural chewing function is still sufficient, below that is at least 10 teeth above and 6. Source: pubmed/22860988 healthy teeth = healthy brain? Full It is not that easy of course. In addition to the genetic predisposition plays a healthy way of life, in particular refraining from smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, a healthy diet and the buzz of playing an important role. But this research shows also the importance of proper oral and dental care for our mental health in old age”, so Rachel Scharfman, brand manager of DenTek. Our motto is Yes oral health for life and we want to help of course with our innovative oral and dental care products that people have healthy teeth for her entire life. “And that’s why we understand it as our task to create a new awareness of the importance of daily dental care.” Therefore, DenTek conducts its own studies, but always very carefully tracked the latest medical research.

We want to make such important research findings widely known. Of course, it is initially startling to learn that parodontitis can cause even Alzheimer’s or dementia. Conversely we know this also, that we can do something about it with more thorough dental care themselves. And it depends on us,”so Scharfman. With can not tips for effective dental and oral care proper dental care so only his teeth get healthy, but prevent probably brain disorders at the age, should be considered only the following basic rules: at least twice a day, morning and evening, two minutes brushing teeth.

Hospital Software

Many manufacturers of digital dictation systems strive for years, their solutions in hospital information systems (his), radiology information systems (RIS) and integrate into practice-management systems (PMS) of their respective owners. For each of these systems, the providers provide individual interfaces to; often to non-negligible cost. The reality in the hospital and the practice is that mostly different software systems used by various manufacturers. This means that when inserting a digital dictation system also several individual interfaces must be used. medicineteam Ltd. go another way.

With our solution, we consistently rely on the international data exchange standard in the health sector, HL/7″says Wolfgang Abts, CEO of medicineteam Ltd. HL/7 allows for standardized data exchange between different software systems. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Mashable. medicineteam is using this standard interface capable of, any information between the management software and the digital dictation system to Exchange. Thus the dictation solutions, integrated medicineteam, regardless of the already used KIS, RIS, and PMS and require only a mostly existing HL/7 communication server, as well as to the HL/7 standard individual adjustments as necessary. For the user, there is no difference in the use of the individual interface.

However, the integration is more flexible, easier and therefore cheaper for the IT Department. For more information, see. The medicineteam Ltd is a specialised on healthcare and Europe operating company based in Munster / westf. The emphasis lies in the quality management, planning, construction and operation of medical care centres, as well as in the recruitment and placement (), as well as the advice and execution of special solutions. The employees of medicineteam Ltd. have more than 25 years professional experience in different professions of the health care system and positions. From this extensive Qualification is a high level of expertise, which is the customers and partners without restrictions.

German Ayurveda Academy

Maharishi Ayurveda products Europe presents original Ayurvedic products, as well as lecture by Dr. Details can be found by clicking John Castle Castle Harlan or emailing the administrator. Mathias Kossatz on Germany’s largest health fair. Castle Harlan has similar goals. From 19 to 21 February 2010 Rhein-Main-Hallen Wiesbaden revolves around the theme of health promotion are in the. About 250 companies and associations offer news about medicine, nutrition, fitness, healthy lifestyles, naturopathy, alternative healing, prevention, rehabilitation, vitality and relaxation. “Ayurveda, receive the science of long life”, plays a central role.

With the growing awareness of health interest is increasing at more than 5,000 years old, natural health. Worldwide, more and more people on its natural and holistic approach. The spectrum ranges from preventive recommendations for diet and daily routine to the treatment of chronic diseases in Maharishi Ayurveda health centres. Maharishi Ayurveda products Europe, leading provider of authentic Ayurveda products, informed on the Paracelsus-Messe Wiesbaden in detail about the quality and originality of the Ayurvedic health education. In addition to the presentation of its extensive product portfolio, the brand offers a timeless health system”a lecture on the subject of Ayurveda.

The speaker Dr. Mathias Kossatz is a specialist in general medicine, Member of the German society for Ayurveda and lecturer on German Ayurveda Academy. Paracelsus-Messe Wiesbaden: February 19-21, booth No. C 8 lecture by Dr. Mathias Kossatz: Sunday, February 21, 2010, 16:15. Hall 8, Hahnemann stage.

Training Centre

Coping with stress as an aid to the spirituality has helped many people and is a really worthwhile alternative to the usual offerings on the net. on the issue. The E-book “simply clever handle stress” is a guidebook for more serenity and inner peace, and can be loaded directly on the PC. The dipl. Stress coach Hanspeter Roth offers help for stressed people in all walks of life. The E-book customer is supported even after the purchase by free audio newsletter in its efforts and motivated. The E-book “simply clever handle stress” is available as a sample for free download.

The 30-day money back guarantee no ifs or buts also protects consumers against dubious offers. Professional stress management is actually highly efficient against burnout and is the right complement to relaxation techniques, stress tips, or spa treatments, which will find millions in the Internet and knowing the part already. Stress can actually successfully adjusted. About the how, why, when and where you determine. The stress coach offers you the tools and the correct guidance for more inner peace and serenity on company portrait stress balance is an authentic new services, which deals exclusively with the stress of today’s era of adrenaline. The target group are individuals who would suffer under stress or protect themselves against. The exciting curriculum vitae of the stress coach in the country and abroad and the great experience are the Bewegrunde, again to make something new and useful.

Hanspeter Roth is advertising specialist and has worked over 20 years in a mail-order catalog production. The owner was looking for a new challenge and participate in the Switzerland. Training Centre for research on stress in Zurich as stress regulation trainer and stress coach SZS. Exclusively through Internet marketing, an audience is advertised by stress balance, that want to go on courses or seminars of tackling stress, can or are disappointed. Personally, Hanspeter Roth finds the right stress balance at his place of residence in the UNESCO biosphere and in the Naturpark Entlebuch in the unique natural landscape of Switzerland.

Systemic Therapy

Dipl. – teacher Heike Bangert Wang informed people need a social environment and relationships with other people. They give stability, confidence and provide a stable environment. In partnerships, it can but cause problems. More often feels misunderstood, finds no way of communication and also problems outside of the relationship can lead to a strain within the partnership. Not rarely, both partners lose then in mutual accusations and lack of understanding. The systemic therapy offers a solution that helps them to reconsider his behavior and positive change to reflect the relationship a chance. The graduate teacher Heike Bangert Wang from ubach-Palenberg informed about the work of the systemic therapy.

Replace disturbing behaviors in relationships is often just as routinely behaves like in work processes. To not reconsider his actions, because it runs automatically. This may in relations cause that at some point one or both sides is uncomfortable feel and desire changes, because conflicts are unfortunately not uncommon. The systemic therapy aims in talks, that it deals exactly with this everyday actions and behavior and gets an impression of how to deal with his counterpart. Many discover that they need to make some changes.

Therefore, the systemic therapy offers solution approaches to discover new action potential. She regard always the entire social environment, in which the relationship is. Because they interact with each other and can also include potential. It is important that both sides take advantage of their own resources, because the systemic therapy could lead to just, the parties themselves must go to the healthy and happy relationship. For detailed information about the systemic therapy the Dipl. pedagogue Heike Bangert Wang from ubach-Palenberg is always available.


Also on the search engine strategies Conference, health is addressed not only for each individual health is an exciting and extremely important topic, again, the virtual world is more and more features to this area. Google, the world’s favourite search engine, has recognized this trend and offers recently with Google Health”a tool, with the Internet users such as health can create profiles. The Internet health portal reported. Conference on the 23 and 24 showed that health will be needed in the future, also on the SES, the search engine strategies June 2008 which took place for the first time in Germany, in Hamburg. The event is one of the global top events for search engine marketing & optimization. Well-known agencies and marketers met for the two-day Exchange, as well as the expert presentations in the Sofitel in Hamburg. Martin Sinner, founder and Managing Director at idealo Internet GmbH opened the Conference on Monday. Assembled Internet celebrities talking about Health news professionals such as for example Christoph Burseg, product manager, world online, Stefanie & Durr, search quality team lead, Google Ireland Ltd., Jens Fauldrath, Manager search, Deutsche Telekom AG, Ron Hillmann, founder and CEO, iven & Hillmann – LBI group company and Andreas Krawczyk, head of programming, Yahoo! Germany lectured on various topics and were also in discussions and personal interviews available.

In basic and advanced courses were presented concepts and solutions, but also problem areas and strategies discussed. gesundheitsnews that is a very exciting topic”Niels Dorje, strategic partner development manager at Google Germany GmbH. It will be curious what evolves in this area yet. More information on the SES Conference can be viewed on the Internet at. In the imedo health news learn more about the healthy blogosphere.More information about the Gesundheitsblog Awards 2009, blog.imedo.

Health And Wellness Products

Health for all must health be complicated? Many people ask about the health or are looking for new wellness tips that can incorporate into their everyday lives. Then you are looking for on the Internet, they are slain by confusing information and discover what you are looking for but not completely. If they are then you find it, the information on multiple pages is dismembered, so that precious time for ineffective research must be wasted. was born from this crisis out. The concern is now widest about a health or Wellnessthema research, entertaining together to take the information and to offer the reader a compact article. Updates and timeless so current swine flu but also to General topics such as back pain, jogging or even the nutrition information.

The criteria for a good article is here: the reader can draw a direct practical benefits to same can apply the read. In an article, it can be a descriptive Guide for a relaxation technique, or a collection of important tips such as remedies. Once all those important terms are listed, which allow a quick more in-depth research. In any case the reader at first glance detects whether he finds what he is looking for, and is gelotst by many sides to irrelevant information. Every day new articles the offer is gratefully accepted, already in the first days of traffic each day several hundred percent rose. So operators and authors to feel encouraged to expand the pool of previously almost 50 existing articles and to prepare every day on the new exciting health knowledge in a readable format. Andreas Muller