Markus Jakobsson

Data theft among smartphone users. Scammers steal the access data on Facebook, Twitter and PayPal attempts. Modern mobile devices are very convenient for traveling and from everyday life impossible to imagine. With only one access is required to the Internet connected users with everything and can easily update Twitter and her Facebook status, edit emails as well as with the help of PayPal payments direct and receive as with a computer. But how is the protection by the gang in the network with mobile devices? On computers, security is aware of each, because the security certificates are used and displayed, and so the attentive user detects fake websites, SSL certificates, https-logins etc..

Now, but on mobile phones and other mobile devices don’t address with https or secure login or to detect green light signals for mobile devices are tiny popular small and compact in-buttons and small bodies. Precisely because of this size, it is often difficult between fake and original left to distinguish, because mobile phones are so small, and there’s often just not enough space for this protection. Facts login pages by phishers are a serious risk for the user, away for users just go on the Internet via the address and your login credentials, click the login button without safety symbol. The phones are the ultimate for use on the road and so many simply enter the address and your login information and click on the login button without noticing that the pages are not logged. As long as the mobile applications are so simple and easy to handle, it is easy the data to divert the hackers on the important information of the user for Facebook, Twitter accounts, Amazon, eBay accounts and stop also PayPal to come.

Users can help themselves by avoiding processes, where there are processes risks for phishing. Markus Jakobson of explains how to better protect and proceed with whatever means the store. David Wagner, a Berkeley computer science professor, believes that until there are better ways is for mobile use to communicate with each other, this is still a serious problem and must finally be solved. A more famous person who also works with his team on a solution is Markus Jakobsson, principal scientist of consumer security at PayPal. He is for the development of software with Smartphone operating systems together working and so would work like the spoof would be killer, only so to track which applications and websites are legitimate and may ask for the password and what application is faked. Carsten long

EBay Version

First look at the new version of the Windows system possible on eBay a buyer had bought a used Lumia 920 by Nokia and wondered when unpacking or switching the unit on changes already. The letters “MSFT” was engraved on the back and when you turn the logo not for sale determined “surfaced. Then was it clear that here was not there a normal Lumia 920. The screenshots, which made the purchaser of the system suggest that it was the Windows phone software to the new version 8.1, that will include several new features. So, for example, the calendar interface has been changed. You can display now the week view as an innovation. New sorting features were also added.

You can have in the future the apps sort 8.1 also according to the frequency of use. This is handy to have often used apps quickly available. In addition the multimedia Manager has been updated and offers more possibilities and, for example, that Function to close apps directly again. Development of unclear at present is not yet clear, the gel file version to the actual final version will be as close. It is quite possible that it is only to a level of development and other features in the final version or some options are removed. Therefore, it could be that Windows phone 8.1 still clearly looks different from the screenshots that are currently circulating.

For the buyers on eBay, the matter also had a Happy ending. After he had published the details of the version and its device Microsoft got in touch with him. He should return the unit and received refund the purchase price as well as a new Lumia 920 including a standard version of Windows phone 8.0. First server logs with Windows phone 8.1, the eBay action is indeed not the only mention of the upcoming software update. According to some Web master devices are in their server logs already surfaced, who reported as operating version 8.1. How reliable this Statements is however, difficult to assess.

Deposits Everyday

The presentation of a new Outdoorsmartphone Portal Smartphones have become an almost indispensable companion of every friend of technology in recent years. Speaking candidly Pete Cashmore told us the story. The small devices now have a very large capacity and are true all-rounders in everyday life: phone, browser, Navigator, pastime, camera and much more in one. One blemish many models still clings: the filigree technique is often prone to damage and can even at minor accidents quickly break. Outdoorsmartphones remedy. You may not be the “natural enemies” of smartphones is a skydiver, to understand the benefits of an Outdoorsmartphones.

Many people “normal” smartphones are just far too acquiescent. The classic at damage to the Smartphone is the scratches on the display. Since virtually all modern smartphones with a touchpad come out, the display is probably the most important area to the cell phone. But just in smaller falls or sharp objects in the The sensitive screens scratch easily pocket. This looks not only unattractive, but hinders the readability and user.

Another common enemy of smartphones is water. While no mention of big accidents, such as the infamous fall in the toilet anyway just coming for most devices, a death sentence is still long. Even small water droplets, such as heavy rain, like to seep through the clothing and become lodged in the electronics of smartphones. As a result, Deposits in the screen or even the electronic failure. Outdoorsmartphones equipped for everyday use whether for professional reasons, out of sheer fear of the own Schusseligkeit or safe to go: who likes exposed to dust, dirt, water or other “accidents” in his everyday life, is well advised with an Outdoorsmartphone. The robust small devices are immune to the diverse problems of everyday life. Usually they have a scratch-resistant display, the time the key in your Pocket can defy. In addition, that the housing of the phones is compact and tightly fitted, so that a water permeability is made more difficult.


“And it has allowed us to create a product that is based on how people use their mobile phones.” Because the people daily will carry the phone clip +, it can be used if no iPhone or Android Smartphone is available as a simple remote control. The newspapers mentioned Ali Partovi not as a source, but as a related topic. He transmits stereo quality music from their phone and any other Bluetooth enabled MP3 player, from an iPod touch. And if speech understanding on the telephone by annoying background noise, as for example, in a busy street prevail, will be more difficult, he has a key to slow down the microphone. With it, the user can turn off his hearing aid microphones and focus so completely on the phone conversation. Part of the ReSound of hearing aid ReSound provides the most complete and the most advanced wireless listening system of all manufacturers.

The ReSound unite wireless components were developed, all the difficult Situations to master, that address hearing aid makers about to participate in a conversation to can see without the conversation partner. Or – with views on the phone clip + – to the users hands-free calls, to offer a remote control and transmission of music. All ReSound unite wireless components use ReSounds breakthrough 2.4 GHz technology. With her, they provide clear and secure audio signals directly to the ReSound Verso, the latest family of ReSound premium hearing aids, as well as to all other ReSound wireless hearing aids. Gian Carlo Sciuchetti, global marketing, SR. Vice President, summed up: “the ReSound unite phone clip + is further proof that GN ReSound leads the wireless revolution based on our ground-breaking 2.4 GHz technology. With him we extend the possibilities drastically, to communicate, to interact and to stay in a world of rapid technological developments in conjunction.”* function available in conjunction with ReSound Verso Wireless hearing aids. The above trademarks are the property of GN ReSound group and its subsidiaries and are used by them.

Apple, iPhone and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple, Inc., registered in the United States and other countries. App store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Android is a trademark of Google, Inc. Bluetooth is a trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. A little video for the hearing ReSound Verso and the ReSound unite phone clip + and the corresponding ReSound control app can be found here: for more information about the ReSound unite phone clip + or to ReSound contact our press contact Verso. Editorial Note: as one of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers definitely have long the innovations in the modern hearing instruments ReSound significantly. We want more and more people living with a hearing loss, to better hear and understand. That’s why we develop hearing systems, the almost, the listening experience of the natural ear create, and that enable hearing care professionals to raise the quality of life of its customers seriously. ReSound is represented in over 80 countries. A large team of competent staff as well as numerous technology centers belong to us. In Germany, ReSound is part of the GN hearing GmbH, which has its headquarters in Munster.