Motorwagen Year

That shows the past Museum AUTOVISION in his exhibition, present and possible future of the car is it again: the year 2011 is every reason to celebrate our mobile, marked by the individual traffic world. “The invention or one should perhaps better say the patenting of the deemed to be officially first automotive Benz patent motor car” marks the 125th anniversary. But this time something is different than at the last anniversary celebration 25 years ago. It then kept the car distance gasoline or diesel as the invention forever, so the reasonable doubt be louder this year in almost all newspapers in addition to the proper celebration: the car has a future? The internal combustion engine came in recent years in the talk. All basic add the known environmental problems and dwindling fossil fuels. No wonder that it has made worldwide from now, to fuel of the German favorite child, the car, and drive to develop new concepts. A mobile future with electric cars currently again a piece seems more tangible. The hybrid vehicle as a bridging technology is currently hardly to imagine.

Alternative fuels such as gas or bioethanol are long everyday at the pump. The energy carrier hydrogen fiction novels already no longer than unumsetzbare of the future is for science. Museum AUTOVISION is enough evidence”to look at. 3 new vehicle concepts for the mobility of the future exhibition area just in time for the 125th Birthday “arrived: A production-ready diesel hybrids, a fuel cut vehicle and a gas cut model. We want visitors to the possibilities of the automotive future show.

especially in this anniversary year “, explains Museus Chief Horst Schultz. Of course you can see also the first car in the world, the Benz patent – Motorwagen, with us already for completeness. But we put priority right now in our future exhibitions, so to speak, the credo of the AUTOVISION. Finally it would be so bad, when the 150th anniversary of the birth of the car the birthday child”no longer does exist!”