Minister Security

With what happened last June, very commented in the media, as we discussed last month (), a Hamburg teenager summoned his birthday party by the social network of Facebook and was attended by 1,600 people, pretty much, therefore, today certain forward-looking steps have been taken. The Minister of Interior of the State of Lower Saxony, has said that when security and public order are threatened festivals through Facebook requests shall be prohibited in advance, says that adolescents do not know on many occasions that may assemble and why it has demanded that schools that guide them in these topicsespecially of the dangers which may arise. On the other hand he has raised that councils take responsible for consequential damages and costs of these parties and meetups, parents and representatives of the convener, perhaps get to pay a huge amount of euros can cause consciousness in the use of social networks and we could start either unfounded education from the core of households. Ali Partovi spoke with conviction. To conclude, we acotamos another event that happened during the weekend of Easter in Pentecost, where police had to dissolve various festivals which was attended by approximately 800 people, there were 41 youths arrested and registered 16 wounded with distinction, all for a call from Facebook. What nobody knows, is if the unknown guest who confirms and attends the appointment by an invitation to your social network, may have some pathological or mental imbalance that causes the party to end in disgrace or, simply, goes with the intention of causing unrest.

Djokovic Dont Suffer

The alicantinian not suffered in the second round before Bennetau (6-3, 6-4 and 6-2). The Swiss didn’t find opposition in French and be measured with Tipsarevic. Djokovic will face del Potro in the next round to. The Spanish players David Ferrer and Nuria Llagostera have been classified with authority for the third round of Roland Garros, second Grand Slam of the season, on a day in which Maria Jose Martinez has been dismissed and in which Federer didn’t opposition in French Maxime Texeira. The alicantinian, Auckland and Acapulco champion, offered great sensations against French Julien Benneteau who bowed by a comfortable 6-3, 6-4 and 6-2 in a match that grazed the two hours of play. Ferrer, this course in Monte Carlo and Barcelona finalist, not offered concessions to the Gaul in a meeting where he presented a percentage of 91 per cent of success with the first service.

Thus, opened the match with a break in the second game which allowed him to gain an initial advantage of 3-0. Benneteau was unwilling to surrender so soon and tried to bother the Ferru throw-in, but failed to convert the only ball break that took in the match with 4-2 on the scoreboard in the first set. After awarding the first sleeve, with comfort the alicantinian repeated the indent in the following two, with advantages from the first bars that they allowed him to slip easily into the next round, which will be measured at the Ukrainian Sergiy Stakhovsky. I am in my second youth, said Valencia, at the same time acknowledged their motivation is to pass the barrier of the quarterfinals. In the women’s box, starred in the good news the Mallorcan Nuria Llagostera, coming from the previous phase, which endorsed a resounding 6-0, 6-2 to local Alize Cornet. The Balearic Islands, which had not won a match in any main box on the WTA circuit this year, until Roland Garros will have a hard test before the Russian Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, seeded 14th.


NXEL GROVE Italian Francesco Capponi used as photographic machine empty shell of a posture of hen. Inside the egg, impregnated with photosensitive emulsion, is negative. The poultry hens looked at me with horror by the quantity of eggs that I broke. Before you get it you pringo much and many times, but at the end it came out with hers. The Italian Francesco Capponi (Perugia, 1976) built and successfully used a camera made with the empty shell of a chicken egg. Passionate about cameras is pinhole pinhole, which does not require the intervention of an optical system. Any black box with a hole (estenopo) is valid. Caponni had fabricated them with their hands in a chess piece, a figure origami paper, a top hat, a booth for birds, a piano and a tree.

This year was proposed to bring to completion an idea that haunted him since long ago: make a pinhole – egg. In a tale of adventure that has been published on the web Lomography recounts in detail the process and provides instructions to the curious… My trip to build a huevo-camara pinhole begins with the momentum of the idea: always felt the strong desire to do a special camera that had a single purpose: make solamentre a single picture. The idea is to sacrifice the camera in the creation process of the photo, the camera becomes the photo. The first step is to open in the shell of an egg a square hole about two inches square. The Italian photographer got it, after many failed attempts (the poultry hens I looked with terror by the quantity of eggs that I broke), with a rotating saw once dry inside, must be painted, in a completely dark place, with a photographic emulsion liquid, closed the gap with a piece of cardboard (in the middle of which is placed a metal plate pierced with a needle(, the estenopo which will enter the light). Ensures the piece with insulating tape, cover the egg with a black fabric and to shoot the photo!.

Capponi made a self-portrait in the first pinhole-egg. I went out to the garden and I placed against the egg, crouched, naked and motionless for about thirty seconds. Luckily, my neighbors I forgave and not denuciaron my behaviour to the COP, says. After returning to the dark room and remove the cover to the camera, it is necessary to fill the egg with fixative and photographic developer. The chemicals Act on emulsion and reveal the photo. The result is surprising: the inside of the egg has become the holder of a photo. The camera has ceased to be to become image. It’s all quite simple. The worst thing is handled with the fragility of the shell. To make four good photos I destroyed more than fifty eggs. You should have them photographed: the largest pinhole a tortilla from the times of Dadaism. Source of the news: the camera is an egg

March RTVE

EFE the Corporation has ensured that the match will be retransmitted at the scheduled time. RTVE will have a minimum service of 15% during the day of general strike. The Corporacion Radiotelevision Espanola (RTVE) considers that the general strike called for Wednesday will not endanger retransmission of the friendly football match that will play Spain in Panama, reported sources of the public body. The meeting will be broadcast as scheduled, at 2230 hours, desde el estadio Rommel Fernandez, located on the East side of the Panamanian capital. RTVE will have a minimum service of 15% during the day of general strike, according to the agreement reached between the Corporation and the strike Committee of the company. The minimum services are similar to that agreed in the last general strike which took place on March 29, have clarified these same sources. In addition to 15%, also is set to go to work the necessary personnel to cover the electoral campaign the Catalan elections. The program schedule will be guaranteed, according to these same sources, and revivals, among other spaces will be offered within the same. See more: the strike will not prevent retransmission of the Panama-espana, according to RTVE