Player Network

Within the knowledge of all forms of attack we specialize our players. Players with many resources: 4 and 2. Viacom often addresses the matter in his writings. Due to the tactical needs we must seek strong and with great mastery of choice of whipped m fullback players. EXERCISES: r r -Tea I analytical career, whipped, etc. – global exercises career, whipped, etc.

– subject to a certain height ball hitting. -Launching on the network of tennis balls. -Slapping against the wall (game). -Autoplacement, one-step, whipped and beating. -Aimed shots. Classification and considerations technical tactics of the attack a) attack point: – must pass over the network – with power – seeking hands of the blockade – evading the blockade – never will be b) attack pass or control network: – must pass high over the network – with ball poorly raised, adaptation of the attacker.

(-With break or no break c) 1st attack TIME – fast (fast) in construction and definition. -Lead the counterattack from the area where falls Central Blocker subsequently before an active lock of the same. ((d) attack emergency – high – as much as possible with the deft hand – solve the problem posed by the play e) LOOSEN – with a good attack lifted choose the attack with power or weak attack. DIDACTICS of the attack – acceleration for the jump. The attacker goes in search of the ball (the trajectory of the pass up reading) – arms action, coordination of railway top and bottom. -Blow at the top, at the moment more height of the suspension. Adaptation of the hand to the ball – supplementary controlled movement, to avoid mistakes. Stable balance of the body. -In any gesture of attack, the attacker must be separated from the network according to the following relationship: Player ball network for the training of the auction the auction as a technique: through the variation of conditions Areas that directs Finial additional tasks work against blockade variation in the auction as a tactical armed: emphasis on conditions precedent: The recognition of the situation the ability to make fast changes the capacity in advance.

Macromedia Flash

In this lesson we will make our first file in flash. So much attention. We make the assumption that the reader or the writer has already installed on your computer the macromedia flash. The version which will be used throughout all these tutorials will be version 8 of macromedia flash. Without further delay, let’s! The first thing is to open your flash program. Creation of a new document 1. For that click on file > new, in the box of new document dialog, select Flash document. If that is not already selected because it comes by default and to accept.

2 Then the background is of white color, color if you can change it to your liking by clicking on the Background option, and select to your liking. This option is in the property inspector. By default it should be in 550 * 400. Drawing of a square. 1. Select the rectangle tool in the Tools panel. Then select the background color of your preference.

Creation of a symbol. 1. Click on the selection tool in the Tools panel. 2. Click on the the rectangle on the stage to select it. 3. With the rectangle still selected, choose Modify > convert to symbol. 4. In the convert to Symbol dialog box, type my rectangle _ in the name text box. 5. The default behavior choose: Movie Clip. Then click OK. Appears a marquee around the rectangle. Just create a reusable asset, called the symbol in the document. 6. The new symbol appears in the library panel. If the library panel is not open, select window > library. Animation of the rectangle. Now that you have added an illustration, is time to make it move.