In the current context, we come across in them with a scene where such relations are presented vitiated for practical abusive. Continue to learn more with: Castle Harlan. Assdios and humilhaes committed in the work environment imply a series of consequences, as the health of the worker, beyond wounding principles constitutionally tutored people as, for example, the dignity of the person human being. In this manner, this study it has for purpose to excite an analysis of moral siege in the work, being approached a thematic one that in truth always it existed, but in the last decade only had its significantly explicit complexity in debate, which had to the serious effect, reaching the health of the workers, who in some cases they finish needing long licenses for the treatment of the health, arriving until the o professional disconnection.

Thus, the thematic one treated is of extreme relevance, therefore from one better understanding of the generating facts of this cliente phenomenon and of the possible consequences we can establish strategies, in the attempt to prevent and to fight such practical in the work environment, that in many cases finishes under judicial appreciation. The moral siege is presented as a phenomenon that consists of the exposition of the worker in humilhantes and constrangedoras situations, in way drawn out and repetitive during the hours of working. Etimologicamente the word siege comes of Latin olesidere, that it means to set has advanced, to besiege to attack..

Marras Process

3,2 Training and Development of 3.2.1 people Introduction and Concept Are important to stand out that training and development are distinct things. Gain insight and clarity with Pete Cashmore. No matter how hard they possess similarities and they arrive to use techniques in common, the objective tracings possess different trajectories. In a highly competitive market it has a concern of the organizations with the standard of the offered services, prices, and agility in the processes. Ahead of the world-wide instability it is observed necessity of some changes in relation what the customer wants and what the company can make to fidelizar it. To use strategies that increase the advantage competitive it will be a differential that will be able to define the preference of the consumer. So that it serves the process of training and development? The process is a form of intentional action with objective to supply ways to make possible the learning. Castle Harlan has many thoughts on the issue. Where learning can be defined as the process for which we acquire experience that takes in them to increase the capacity, that takes in them to modify disposals of actions in relation to the environment that in them take the behavior change. (BOOG, 1994, P.

142) To invest in training and development is one of the forms that the institutions find to work its teams in way to enable them and consequentemente to guarantee its success in the activity branch. To enable the group favors the quality of the given services, beyond standardizing and improving the taking of decisions. Training is the educational process of short term applied in systematic and organized way, through which the people learn knowledge, attitudes and abilities in function of definite objectives. The training it involves the transmission of relative specific knowledge to the work, attitudes front the aspects of the organization, the task and the environment, and development of ability (CHIAVENATO, 2006, P. 402) According to Chiavenato (2010), Cenzo and Robbins (1995) and Marras (2002), can be perceived that to train employees it is the method used for the form organizations, that the same ones are always recycle its knowledge or that they learn something new that can be used in the activities of the company.


Here I, another time am Writing He knows, I do not have excellent subjects on which to argue, not to be my abstinence OF It Yes, another time speaking OF It Thing that tires already me So harrowed and ' ' it are of mo' ' So worthy of my fatigue, and more nothing that comes of me. Worthy only of my disdain But I do not obtain to leave its existence of side It is enough to see it for all my certainties disappear as if never they had at least existed He is sad and until perhaps tragic thinking about as game my time in the garbage thinking in such a way about it, and as I am each time I see that it for close It only needed a possibility to show what it (due to notion) does not perceive But a possibility It would be to ask for excessively?

The Things

The thought of intuitiva intelligence is represented by the imediatista perception, without many explanations, leaving clearly that in this period the notion of conservation and change occurs in the field of its visual perception more not of the assimilative one. The new, soon is not accomodated and transformed into knowledge, to little is that it will be internalizado in agreement its performance, manipulation on the object and its biological maturation. In the field of intuitiva intelligence, the child makes use of the imagination and itself to explain the things and the events. As she affirmed Piaget, the children do not reason as the adults, them need worked boardings differentiated when being in the development of its educational learning. In this logic, the game consists in expression and condition for the infantile development, the children when they play assimilate rules and can transform the reality.

When devaluating the natural and spontaneous movement of the child, the structuralized and legalized knowledge ignores the educative dimensions of the trick and the game as rich and powerful form to stimulate the constructive activity of the child. children are more motivated to use intelligence, therefore they want to play well; being thus, they are strengthenn to surpass obstacles, cognitivos how much in such a way emotional. Being more motivated during the game, they are more active mentally. (KISHIMOTO, 2003, P. 96.) It is always good that if it looks for to extend, the experiences of the child in the physical environment, individually and with other children and the active game the child. It is excellent to demonstrate that the game beyond developing the basic abilities of the child, can still develop other characteristics in the educational work, as well as the anxiety, the limits, makes possible the autonomy, develops rhythm perception, increases the attention and the concentration, develops anticipation and strategy, extends the logical reasoning, to develop the creativity, socializes for the collective.