Same Blood

Not so long ago, yet scientists have believed that, having reached the adult state, the organisms slows down the synthesis of proteins and other organic compounds, limited to "repair" work (the healing of wounds, changing epithelium of the skin, etc.). The very first experiments with isotopic labels have shown that this is wrong. Throughout his life is a continuous replacement of old cellular structures on the newly formed. For example, when repairing aircraft replaced the engine, exhaust their resources, even though it worked flawlessly. It would seem that all my life should serve man bone. However, when the practice of medicine became the antibiotic tetracycline, doctors faced with an astonishing fact. Tetracycline is partly accumulated in the bones. Traces of treatment can be found at bone thin section in the form of a fluorescent layer.

It was found that approximately three years after antibiotic therapy, he found in the blood in very high concentrations (which sometimes leads to undesirable side effects). Location he took tetracycline, because the patient than three years and could forget that once it took? He returned to the blood of old bone tissue, which dissolves and is replaced by a new one. It is said that the nerve cells do not regenerate, do not multiply. In principle it is, but throughout life they are continually rebuilt. So a person can live all your life in one house, but during this time repeatedly to change the situation there. We can only formally assume neurons, with which we end life, the same cells, which we administered it.

The Ideas

We can unequivocally state that, being the art the way of consideration of the things independent of the beginning of reason, that is, half on adequate exposition of the ideas, this of metaphysics depends not only, if in the quality of expositor, of it saw by which the idea at last is communicated, also it depends necessarily on a science in conformity with this or that assumed idea then as its subject. It properly does not have art in case that this does not communicate, in excellent way, the idea reached for its genius. Therefore, the necessity logical of this is evident to present itself in such a way for the face of the norms when of the idea for assumed it as legitimate subject. ' ' The aesthetic one teaches the way by which the effect of the beauty is reached, of the rules to the arts, according to which must create 11 the beauty. The metaphysics of the beauty, however, investigates the close essence of the beauty, as much in what it says respect to the citizen that possesss the sensation of the beautiful one when to the object that ocasiona' ' (Schopenhauer, Arthur. Metaphysics of the Beauty. Unesp.

2003 – 24). Of the Genius and the Genius Schopenhauer in says that &#039 to them; ' but for the pure contemplation to become fluid itself completely in the object it is that the ideas are apprehended. The prominent capacity for this is the genius, from which the authentic works of art only can originate. All contemplation demands pure objective disposal, that is, complete esquecimento of the proper person and its relations; therefore, the genius nothing is seno the objetividade most perfect, that is, objective orientation of the spirit (…) ' ' (Schopenhauer, Arthur. Metaphysics of the Beauty. Unesp. 2003 – 61). Therefore, while the genius is the capacity of contemplation and intuition of the ideas, the genius is the purely objective disposal of the human spirit, that, when annulling itself while individual, allows the genius to promote itself in full exercise.

Human Rights

I am, now, making these consideraes because I perceived echo to my words in a text that circulates for the Internet. It says the following one: ' ' Arrest is for punishment and to give example. To think about recovery is romantismo and utopia' '. the text continues, simulating a letter: ' ' letter of a mother for another mother in SP, after reporter in the TV' ' the mother of the letter says: ' ' Vi its energetic protest ahead of the cameras of television, against the transference of its son, minor infractor, of the dependences of the FEBEM in So Paulo for another dependence of the FEBEM in the interior of the State. Vi you if complaining of in the distance that it separates now it of its son, the difficulties and the expenditures that started to have to visit it, as well as of other decurrent inconveniences of that transference.

Vi also all the covering that the media gave for the fact, as well as vi that not only you, but equally other mothers in the same situation that you, count on the support of Pastorais Commissions, Agencies and Entities of Defense of Human Rights, ONGs, etc I also am mother and can understand its protest. I want with it to make choir. Also for me, enormous it is in the distance that it separates to me of my son. Working and earning little, identical they are the difficulties and the expenditures that I have to visit it. With much sacrifice, I only can also make it the sundays because I work hard, to Saturdays, to assist in the sustenance and education of the remaining portion of family Happily story with my non-separable friend who plays for me important role of friend and council member spiritual. If you not yet know, you are the mother of that young that its son killed dully in an assault to a video rental, where my son, you worked during the day to pay the studies at night.