Common European Framework

Coating is coated on both sides of the cardboard, so the finished sheet has two "face" of the surface. Classification of coated paperboard for the European classification of coated board is divided into three types: SBB (SBS), FBB and WLC. SBB (SBS) – Solid Bleached Board (Sulphate) is a single board density of 185 – 390 g/m2, made of bleached pulp and having unilateral or bilateral coated finish. FBB – Folding Boxboard – hromerzats. This board weighing 170-850 g/m2, consisting of three layers: a liner contains the pulp, the upper and lower layers are made from bleached chemical pulp. Coating is usually carried out on both sides of the cardboard. WLC – White lined Chipboard (GD-1 or GD-2) – recycled coated board made completely from recycled stock or with the addition of wood pulp.

To insert a cheap used paperboard, the upper and lower layers – from high-quality waste paper. Coating is performed as one, and on both sides. In addition to the Common European Framework exists and German, in which the entire board is divided into four groups: uncoated (UD), paperboard made from primary fibers (GC), duplex (GD) and triplex (GT). Marking is carried out by the manufacturer. By Russian standards, coated paperboard is denoted by the letter "M" and several others, indicate the additional features. For example, M – cardboard, coated on the top layer of bleached pulp, INR – cardboard coated on the basis of unbleached, MO – coated oblozhechny. The advantages of coated cardboard, and its application Coated Paperboard favorably with conventional, first of all, appearance. Cast Coating gives it an almost mirror shine, reduces the porosity of the surface layer, which ensures the best result in Print application: on the surface of board quality remains a vivid image.

Due to their properties, coated paperboard is widely used for a variety of products: kits for child development and art, board games, printing products. And, of course, one of the uses of coated paperboard production is the packaging. Cardboard hromerzats widely used in the manufacture of packaging Food, medicines, CDs, accessories computers and accessories, as well as for home appliances small size. Usually on the outer side of the box is put out hromerzatsa printing or another image. For larger items used in packing box cardboard, which has more than hromerzatsa, thickness and weight of 170-2500 g/m2. High-quality coated board – indispensable material for gift wrapping. The special requirements for qualities such as whiteness and surface smoothness, printability and the possibility of high-gloss finish. In the manufacture of food packaging important stability to the outer carton of physical and chemical effects, such as moisture, zhironepronitsaemost. These qualities are achieved by applying a one of the sides of a special coating. Thus, coated board is one of the most popular material for manufacturing various types of packaging. Its smooth white surface ensures high-quality printing and gives the finished product attractive form.