CCTV Systems And Equipment

Closed circuit television (CCTV) is now mandatory, and sometimes even the basic element of any modern security system. Video surveillance with remote visual inspection of all protected object, its interiors, the surrounding area and perimeter allows you to create high-performance security system without the cost of maintaining a large staff of security. The ability of systems Closed circuit television (CCTV) will not only display the operational situation, but to preserve and archive the entire video information for subsequent processing, predetermined the use of cctv systems in shops, casinos, stores and banks. Rationally and fairly placed in open air and indoor facility television cameras cctv systems complement other security systems, providing checking the validity of incoming alarms, as well as provide a solution to such specific tasks, such as video surveillance and analysis of the overall situation and the identification of individuals and groups of people. Using motion detectors, can solve the security problem. With the help of video surveillance can be addressed the task of creating video archives and video are logged. A few years ago to install cctv could only afford a very successful company or bank.

Today, video surveillance can often be found even in the lobbies of apartment houses, or as an element of security and comfort in city apartments, cottages, garages and etc. Equipment installation and commissioning of the system today is a complex process with many influencing factors. Depending on the type of equipment used cctv divided into analogue and digital. Video surveillance is used in security systems geographically distributed objects as well as in complexes of the safety management of global companies. Today, digital technology outperform analog systems for functional and technical specifications, and on its price is already approaching the cost of analog systems. Features, specifications and equipment security systems depend on requirements of the customer to a security object. Subsystem archiving video surveillance system designed to register the entire flow of video data coming from the cameras.

Feature of the subsystem Backup is working with extremely large flows of information, is continuously fed from a large number of cameras. To reduce the amount of information used by modern means of sealing (compression) digital processing techniques, as well as multiplexing. There may be permanent loss of information. Surveillance on the cbt archiving subsystem is based on a modern computer equipment. When used in a cctv system a powerful computer server, and the original application software can be achieved by high-speed registration of multi-stream video up to the limit (25 frames per second). This option may be composed of working computers remote workstations (AWS) for viewing video and Administration subsystems, as well as servers, with arrays of hard drives with the necessary and sufficient space. All computers are connected to the network. Each server has specialized video processing fees (Capture) to enter the video signal. Each work computer remote workstations can be connected to multiple monitors, which can be the choice of the operator to view the incoming information from the server system archiving. Computer system backup has the flexibility to set recording options for resolution and compression ratio of video, as well as programmable motion detector that provides possibility of adapting subsystem archiving video surveillance system in accordance with practical requirements.