Clinical Philosopher

these are examples of the paradigms that treatment and that can here be moved understanding the particularitities of the peoples and that they must be respected to plead a society with harmony, where the human values are preserved and intocados, for then, to permear the balance of the individuals in the states psychological and social. To the measure that, I and you search something whom the other with pure solidarity values, is possible, gradually to change the practical old concepts of unjust, say thus, that he can value the thing most beautiful of the world to the life, but on account of an imperfection of wisdom and insufficient knowledge he stops of the account of that to the life it is very important, is that the destruction of the same one occurs or that she is physical or psychological as Goya, (1999) it describes, it is something sufficiently cruel, for that individual that practises the good and sees something so valuable being cut with a scythe and many times without explanation. From this change of paradigms in the society, I believe that will be possible to think and to transform the life with paved solid base into human values e, over all, respecting the other. Of this form, a question appears: How to change the paradigms of a society or nation or so plural world? This will be possible if the man to obtain to understand and to form values that prioritize such concepts related to the changes of paradigms that are to observe the other; if to place in the place of the other; to have solidarity; to be capable to love in truth. Paolo, (2008), deals with this question, basing on the thoughts and ideas of Bauman, analyze the psychological state as resulted of a world after-modern, according to author the society on account of many information shared with the technological advance, many humanistic values comes if losing, the people already obtains to be closed, isolated without the human contact, for it this is dangerous, a time that loses part of the affectivity between the people. For in such a way, the paradigms of that treatment, needs to be rescued. References CUGINI, Paolo. The Relationary identity, Affectivity and Changes in Modernity Eliminate in the Theory of Zygmunt Bauman.

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