Specifically, if you try to view the photos (with hard drive). When you start Photoshop. Ceased to run many toys (such as alavarovskih). Well, in several more rare. Now the points – I've done and what it led to.

1) Uninstall MobiEdit – did not help. 2) remove the drivers and everything related to bluetooth (because I still buggy bluetooth in connection with CellPhones – ie just in case) – has not helped. 3) for download the latest Nvidia driver set, set-updated (this was the advice of Ineta) – has not helped. 4) The next item was the most sad, but it is quite logical: the full system reset. Even formatnula to any fireman Section C: – to be already fully confident that no poostavalos no tails. The result of this action was simply amazing: there was a dump of physical memory a minute after loading the newly installed WINDOWS (XP). I tried to run the Explorer – and op! In general, of course, a complete shock.

Only at that moment it dawned on me that the problem is still not soft, APPARATNAYa. It followed that must climb inside the system unit. I, of course, I do not like – and what to do? And right now, who's easy? I opened the box. Oh my dear mother! And there pylyuki – a centimeter! Do not get me wrong – this is, of course, was hyperbole. Still Comp does not open, who knows how long – from the purchase date, I think.