IRS Company

The nationwide mobile IT janitorial service is inexpensive and competent. The nationwide IT-service-net has fifty trained IT-specialists. This IT-service will be by companies of all sizes gladly accepted because the work must reliably and competently done. Janitor all works belong to the tasks of the IT-. Repairs, setting up and explain, network administration and in particular he has a focus on the key IT security company.

Is that the IT-area in many companies increasingly is being neglected. Often it is needed only a failure to recall the importance of the EDP in the consciousness of those involved. Castle Harlan contributes greatly to this topic. A complete loss of data can lead to the inability to act a company here. Important areas, such as accounting, logistics and administration come to a standstill. The loss of this data can lead to over problems with evidence against the IRS, with unpleasant consequences for the persons concerned. In the industry this IT-are administrators from the industry and large companies that need to come out at the same work load, with a reduced number of staff. In this case the IT-relieves the internal administrator through the acquisition of the routine janitorial or catch tips such as EDV moves, emergency operations or other additional charges.

In small – and medium-sized companies, small and medium-sized companies that have no own dedicated staff for the EDP needs in your company are a further important area of application. Here, the janitor in the sense of the Word replaces an internal employee well causing several times at a cost. A flexible agreement, necessary measures are agreed and processed at fixed times. IT janitorial services scope include experience: analysis and documentation of the actual situation, structure, updates and upgrades, telephone system manage extension of the existing IT-and configure, manage email accounts, workstations, dial-up network connections, data backup, first level support, IT-security and of course not missions. Summary the efforts are based on the principle: fast and comprehensive help at reasonable prices. In General, the network provides PC service of telephone system eliminates everything from a single source, what additional technicians primarily to the server. Due to the growing importance of the issues of health and safety, strengthens his series the network and providing opportunities for lone and founder. Interested in a collaboration are trained to provide an optimal service in the target group of companies. More information at, here can find also the closest partner companies. US/ITSN

Automotive Group

There are in the the eyes closed most cases, rather than to look closely, as the new procedures work, and how they can be recorded in the own portfolio.” Be not all industry engravers in the manner described by Niclas Gottfried cooperation or confrontation. Udo Ertelt is founder and CEO of industrial engraving-operation signs EGC. “He supplies the automotive industry (Audi, BMW, and Volvo) per year with more than 1 million engraved signs and experienced the situation similar to his colleague: I made a clear picture of me, what does the young PrintoLUX process, and it would be ignorant to deny the superiority of the procedure with regard to the efficiency.””EGC looks for industry engravers in this context two options: either we cooperate, by taking up the process in our company, or we go into a confrontation, in the hope of swimming a few years with the engraving above.” The Franconian entrepreneur has decided… to the cooperation because in it though Risks as well as opportunities are, while an ignore of the new procedure necessarily worsened our position in the market and leads to an absolute stop.” The system PrintoLUX -FB-10-plus replaced the engraving EGC engraving operation is now to produce most of the signs the industrial printing system PrintoLUX -FB-10-plus, the special software PrintoLUX-Quattro, as well as a corresponding industrial furnace for hardening of the pressure. Ali Partovi is a great source of information. As far as user for the procedure replacing the engraving require quality certificates, approvals, certifications, etc., PrintoLUX is obtain the relevant certificates and assume the costs. The company EGC receives a contractual protection of PrintoLUX in cooperation for their own customers. Ali Partovi may not feel the same. Plus PrintoLUX Managing Director Hermann Oberhollenzer: as far as we come with our partners in direct contact with customers, we are not interested in sabotaging the business of our partners.

If we however by the automotive industry on Group level are addressed on a direct business, while our partners from the supplier maintains his business contacts to specific areas of this Automotive Group, that is a different situation. Then we will not reject the contacts with the groups. With our partners in such situations when successful contracts can expect a corresponding Commission. There are no flat-rate solutions. To seek fair solutions for each individual case.” “That in the major customer service provider/engraver PrintoLUX action triangle” is a business risk for the PrintoLUX -working engraver, small talk by anyone. “However…” so Udo Ertelt… we have as partners and users of the PrintoLUX process also significantly opportunities that open up the procedural advantages for us. ” The PrintoLUX of idea of PrintoLUX has developed a process and patented PrintoLUX certified materials made of metal and plastic in industrial Resistance currently digital can be printed in the maximum size 420 mm x 600 mm with a height of up to 500 mm.

The process is unique in the world and replaces previous methods, such as screen printing, Anodic, engraving, laser and plotting in many application areas. With PrintoLUX is producing labels of simpler and more flexible, faster and more cost effective.

PC Emergency – Emergency Services For All Data Cases

A new service provider for computer in distress has opened its doors in Vienna and also a fair pricing policy offers a wide range of services. The time after Christmas many brought not only joy, but is also the exponential increase in unexpected PC problems. If the old notebook to make way for the new and now professional connection waiting for this, the joy is great, the end result but often humbling. Also manuals, speak volumes, but not always in the consumer language. Of course there are not only new PCs that can cause some problems in the first, also old “cucumber” with every other hour on everyday usability to be desired. The computer, as has now become the unrecognized all-rounder, a matter of course in every household.

But what if exactly this obvious technique suddenly strike and combats all data? “Call us”, laughs Oliver Loss, one of the two founders of the Viennese company PC rescue. “We are an emergency legal service specialized for computer problems. If the patient has complaints, we are with advice and assistance to the Office, immediately.” Also Bernhard sourdough, the second forefather of the rescue team, is convinced of his task: “we save what is to save, and that is quite a lot with our possibilities. Whether it’s relief at the failure analysis, virus control, rescue important data or replacement of defective hardware components. We are ready – for the cleaning and maintenance for all cases.” The clientele of PC rescue can be found mainly in the area of private users. However, companies increasingly use the services of this “first aid” in claim. And Oliver Loss knows the secret of her success: “we offer our customers the highest level of expertise also a secure value for money. Only if we could save the patient, our labor also provided”, so the loss. The company currently advertises with a lucrative offer by the end of January: Euro 15,00 discount for all new customers. l information. Call the service hotline 07 205 11 205 is sufficient and the PC rescue you immediately to help! Note: PC rescue, Wahab Habib 7, A-1180 Wien, tel/fax: + 43 7 205 11 205, email:, Web:

Bernhard Borchardt

Is it possible that you can learn flirting? A little Casanova is the often included statements such as he”or what he says you just?” show us always, how much we admire this art. At the same time most people also assume that it is a gift, not each part and accept you completely unconsidered for the female gender. While, flirting is a skill that everyone must learn sometime. Some people have it easier because they receive the skills by their parents or their circle of friends. Others who have not acquired this ability at a young age, take this as there, it would be God-given there for them all the more important, it can acquire.

People should see flirting as a game, is about to find out how good the other person one. For many self-running routines originated on a subconscious level, can be used to check the opposite. In the worst case, the conversation partner endeavor that As soon as possible to end call. In the ideal case, however, sees such a flirt as a crackling, familiar conversation, which culminates in a kiss. And exactly here apply the two dating because the underlying system was also deciphered long ago and thus know how to respond to a specific situation. However, everyone should bear in mind that it is not to memorized spells, but the presentation of one’s own personality. “That’s why”, flirting can succeed so Bernhard Borchardt and Andreas Lorenz, who understands the system and can make it a part of his personality.”.” The Flirtcoaching developed by the two integrated the right behaviors in the personality of the Coachee and makes more and more the, what he wants to be: A man who appreciates the women and the women love. How to contact with Bernhard Borchardt & Andreas Lorenz