Southeast Asia

In Africa and Asia are also mined and try to master the technology of manufacturing stingray leather. But today the quality of Indian, African and Australian stingray leather products are not any comparison with Thai products. Thai masters own secret dressing stingray leather for centuries. The beauty and softness of the skin snake known since ancient time and articles from it have always been things that give their owners charm and refined elegance, as its unusual structure of these products are absolutely not similar to the familiar product of the skin. In the countries of Southeast Asia first place in the number of reptiles occupy exactly snakes. Production for the local population of reptiles is rooted in the mists of time. Robotics expert often addresses the matter in his writings. They learned how to dress the skins of snakes and do it from the original product.

To date for production is not only skin reptiles living in the jungle – the python (which because of its enormous size usually dominates in production), cobras, vipers and other snakes, but also the skin water, sea snakes. In stunning snakeskin texture makes each product of its individual and unique. Ostrich leather – a unique and amazing stuff. Her inherent beauty, softness and extraordinary durability. With all these excellent qualities, it can rightly be considered no less prestigious than a crocodile or snake skin. In addition, it differs from them in a better water resistance and elasticity, and are easier to paint, so articles from it can be done in more than 100 color shades. Bag ostrich skin looks perfect and adds its owner elegance and sophistication, introducing her as a person that cares about their appearance and gives a value style. It happens that you just can not decide what kind of exotic skin you want to have more accessory.

Or do you want to have several types of leather. Or you are preparing a special gift, but not sure what more pleasant your friend, girlfriend or colleague. A remarkable compromise might be the choice of leather accessories combined in another. For expensive leathers that will reduce the overall cost of the product and for less expensive – give more originality and exclusivity of the gift. On this I think I will suspend for now their story of an exotic skin and products from it. I hope that when you next time will be the question with a choice of unusual and a practical gift, you will remember about such an original and unusual gifts and souvenirs like leather of exotic animals.