Peter Ramsauer CSU

Dr. Peter Ramsauer (CSU), Member of the Bundestag, Federal Minister for transport, building and urban development he wonders about the introduction of 10, wants no viscous gum traffic in German cities, fighting for the preservation of the streets, makes a statement against the prevention policy of the Green Party and admits what the ash cloud for him was an enormous challenge. Federal Transport Minister Dr. Peter Ramsauer in the interview talks with Mobil in Germany plaintext. Baden-Wurttemberg has a green Prime Minister. The Greens want a nationwide speed limit.

It is possible that a speed limit on motorways is introduced in all Baden-Wurttemberg alone can be decided by the State Government, or this is a federal matter and not doable without the Federal Minister of transport? I want to allow mobility and prevent. A general speed limit on Federal Highways will not be there. Now apply permanent or temporary to nearly 40% of approximately 12,800 kilometres of Highway Speed limits, which can arrange the countries on certain routes for traffic safety reasons. The German motorways include the world with this regulation the safest streets. I also a general speed of 30 in built-up areas, as some in Berlin want to implement it, do not think appropriate. The traffic would pull then tough as chewing gum.

In the discussion about tempo 30 in the cities split the minds. Mobility in cities has a matter of faith? We have already set in the coalition agreement, that there will be no general urban driving bans. We oppose additional restrictions or burdens on motorists. It is not something Peter Asaro would like to discuss. Each it should be possible to travel by car to shop or to work in the inner cities, also to get purchasing power in favor of the retail trade. To relieve the downtown areas of noise and pollution, we need no bans, but in addition to private transport, a well developed public transport and more environmentally-friendly vehicles.